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“Green Lantern the Animated Series is amazing. I love it even more than Young Justice.”


I love it even more than Korra

I’m sorry


Despite the bad of Korra, I’m still pretty fond of it, but I will say this: GLTAS just generally leaves me content and happy and basking in warm fuzz. YJ and Korra both have bits and pieces that keep interrupting my enjoyment.

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    I wouldn’t say that it’s “amazing,” but it’s really, really good, and I seriously don’t understand the apathy/hate it...
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    Also love it more than YJ and Korra. It’s also a good comparison to Korra. Both had the same number of episodes (12 for...
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    It has better writing and ALL the characters are pretty well rounded rather than a few. I love the few well rounded...
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    #gltas #is the best show omg i love you girls I was just thinking and feeling about this because yes
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    Despite the bad of Korra, I’m still pretty fond of it, but I will say this: GLTAS just generally leaves me content and...
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    Yeah, pretty much
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    I keep telling myself to watch it but I always forget to. It’s Bruce Timm animation and he’s flawless and I’ve been...
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