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Your daily reminder that in therealsongbirddiamondback’s world, Kate Bishop is a “cunt” and Billy and Teddy are “those two faggots” and all three are responsible for Avengers Academy no longer being published.

This is the person behind fuckyeahfearlessdefenders. This is the person who claims to love female characters. He also thinks that calling characters faggots and cunts has no relevance to his rampant misogyny and homophobia. (straight dudes: always an authority on what is or isn’t misogyny and homophobia.)

Pro-tip: if you are using the words that are used against us when we are raped and murdered to bash fictional representations of us, then YES, you are part of the problem and you will never be a good person.

21st Apr 2013 1:01pm 1 year ago 20 notes
  1. velhadaaveiaquaker reblogged this from zarabithia and added:
    Until Billy and Teddy get a personality that isn’t “gay”, they can be classified as that.
  2. sugarfey said: He went off on a rant on CBR too, apparently he was drunk. And lo, true colours appeared…
  3. roserelease said: Fuckin’ ew. Never heard of either blog, but I’m steering clear of that BS :|
  4. princewenyuan said: oh ok so this is the same douche from CBR after all ::pukes:: is he tired of spewing hate just in CBR and is trying to expand his business of spite? i’ve already blocked him though i hope people are ignoring him.
  5. catchbooker said: i’m gonna go THROW UP now
  6. bocchan said: hhhHHHHHHHHgh this creep is such a fucking eyesore. cue whining about how the YA fandom “gangs up on him” because he actively bashes kate bishop in the tags all the goddamn time.
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