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If you think about it, Marius and Cosette are the opposite of Romeo and Juliet.  They fell in love and everyone else died.

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"We want more complex, strong female characters, LGBTQIA+ characters and POC!" says Tumblr while fawning over white boy tears while ignoring or even outright hating the handful of female characters in fandoms, ignoring canon LGBTQIA+ characters in favor of white boy gay ships and completely trying to justify the deaths of the rare POCs.

[John Vanderslice] said, “If you think the Internet is making us lonelier, then you were never lonely before 1995.” That’s fucking deep, right? You know what you no longer have to do? Sit in your room with nothing. There is someone, even if it’s just some dude arguing about Alien Vs. Predator, right?

John Darnielle, on loneliness in the internet age. [x] (via herminegottlieb)

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that angry feminist stereotype is 100% accurate. we have every right to be angry. tbh, if you call yourself a feminist and YOURE NOT angry, you probably need to do some more research into why feminism exists in the first place 

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steve in cap 1: fights men 3x his size, lies about who he is multiple times to try and enlist, literally steals like multiple planes, runs around the forest with no back up to save his bffl, probably doesn’t even know what a court martial is and probably doesn’t even care 

steve in the avengers: WE MUST FOLLWO ORDERS!!! TONY NO!!!!! *gets beat up* 


To everyone who thinks that bisexuality is the inability to “make up your mind,” think long and hard about these questions:

Why do we have to? What purpose does that serve?



Sebastian Stan feat. reactions to Bucky being called evil/a villain

i feel like this is a pretty accurate representation of the way bucky’s press tour goes down after s.h.i.e.l.d. announces to the world that the winter soldier will be joining forces with the avengers…

meanwhile sam





i want fic where ppl keep expecting Steve to punch ppl over Bucky, but he just cries.

And Sam punches them sometimes.

(and sometimes, he is rewarded with blowjobs after Steve stops crying.)



I love Clint Barton because he’s the kind of guy who would ask if he could get an Avengers discount at Starbucks

And yet will try to pay anyway if he’s spontaneously offered free coffee/food some place. Because Hawkeyes.

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say “kate bishop is a sidekick” three times in a mirror and clint barton will appear, drink all your coffee, pet your dog and punch you in the face


I’m pretty sure that if Loki had never mind-napped Clint in the Avengers he would have succeeded because Natasha furiously trying to get her dumbass back was virtually the only thing that constantly drove those arguing babies forward in their plot