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Battle for the Cowl

Rise of Arsenal

Starfire leaving Earth because of Dick

What do all three of these things have in common? They’re representations of Jason, Roy, and Koriand’r that are more out of character than a single issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws

This is a good post and it should feel good.

Also, I would add the “Kori’s people mate for life” BS. But with that addition, these are the events that I think of whenever people whine about RHATO. My response to those poor, unfortunate and likely illiterate souls is “oh, honey, no. Come back and try again, and next time, bring logic, because Lobdell has brought more respect for the three of them than you and your ignorance/ignoring of pre-reboot canon and shittastic, outdated, sex-shaming and harmful-to-actual-women-faux-feminism-you-try-to-force-on-every-scene-Kori-is-in-while-ignoring-all-her-triumphs ever has.” Or, less politely: “lol, no, gtfo.”
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