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Asker gammacazador Asks:
It's been confirmed that Rudd is Scott Lang in the Ant-Man film. Michael Douglas will play Pym, but Lang will be Ant-Man and it will focus on him. Now i just want to know who will play Cassie.
zarabithia zarabithia Said:


reasons i should not read/rant about ant-man before bed:

last night i had a dream that i was watching the ant-man movie. it started out in the 60s, with hank fighting evil hamsters

and ended up in the present day with scott and cassie fighting angry clowns and dracula.


Can your Ant-Man do awesome things like this? Yeah, didn’t think so!
(Brought to you by The Society to Make Ant-Man About Scott Lang and Not Hank Pym)


Can your Ant-Man do awesome things like this? Yeah, didn’t think so!

(Brought to you by The Society to Make Ant-Man About Scott Lang and Not Hank Pym)

Oh, Hank, you are not my favorite Ant-Man, but sometimes you are
enough of a dork to come pretty close to the space Scott occupies in
my heart.

Oh, Hank, you are not my favorite Ant-Man, but sometimes you are
enough of a dork to come pretty close to the space Scott occupies in
my heart.


Kate headcanon:

Kate and Scott Lang kind of adopt each other: not in a father/daughter relationship (she has a father and while they don’t have that much in common they do love each other and Kate knows that what her dad wants is, basically, keep her safe and Scott already has a daughter and, no matter what, no-one is ever taking Cassie’s place) but in a, sorta, uncle/niece kind of way, maybe-ish.

The thing is, they look out for each other in a not-teammate way, but as family would. They talk to each other over the phone and help each other out when their grief is too much or when there are doubts and things like that. Neither of them will ever say it like that out loud, but they both think it’s kind of something they can do for Cassie.

This is a beautiful headcanon. Considering how he’s handling Scott’s Cassie grief over in FF, I’d really like to see Fraction have Scott and Kate convos. D: I’m not sure my heart could take it, but hey.


Scott Lang, you’ve been spending too much time with Drs. Richards and Pym since you returned to life. You’re adorably dorky.

I would totally read a book with Hank, Scott and Reed. And I don’t even like Reed.


FF Vol. 2 #2

Because I’m a super hero! We all are. And while we may not be the Fantastic Four — I believe in us. We’ll be fine. All we have to do is hold tight and hold together.

Oh, Hank Pym fans, you are adorable with your ridiculousness.

At no point did I ever bash Hank. In fact! I even mentioned that I liked him. A couple of times! Yes, I did comment on his canon mistakes. But alas, these are mistakes that Hank is capable of understanding, (which is why I like him) but the worst sections of his fans continually want to gloss over or have childish hissy fits about anyone discussing it EVER.

Also, there is a huge difference between “Hey, these fans are acting pretty awful, because this is why some people might not like Hank” and “FUCK EDGAR WRIGHT AND FUCK SCOTT LANG.”

The second is bashing. If you think the first is … LOL, if you think saying, “hey, people have real life reasons they might not like that issue where Hank slapped Jan” is bashing, you are incredibly selfish and should get the fuck over yourself.


So comic!Scott/comic!Tony is one of the few things I really ship comics!Tony with. I’m one of … two? people who ship it, I think. I’ve always wanted more fic of it.

If Scott really is in Ant Man movie, does this mean that people might ship my secret, tiny, rarest of rare ships? Please?

comicsmakeyoufeelthings replied to your post: Wow, there are a lot of dickish Hank Pym fans on…

I have ran afoul of some pretty hateful Pym fans too. Personally, I like Scott better.

Same. I like Scott a lot. He’s my favorite Ant Man, and I think that without a doubt, his story is easiest to translate to the screen.

But I don’t hate Hank! When he’s written well, I like him a good deal. He’s the entire reason I bought Avengers Academy, because after a while, many of the kids just bored me. But I loved his adventures and his growth. There are a few Hank stories that I love a lot. But he’ll never be my favorite. But I don’t hate him! Because … you don’t actually have to hate one Ant Man to like another?

Also, there’s a lot of shitty domestic violence apology going on in that tag. It doesn’t matter that it was “just once.” HANK KNOWS THAT IT DOESN’T MATTER THAT IT WAS JUST ONCE, WHY DON’T YOU. Stop saying “it was just once!” or trying to blame Jan (no, she is not to blame for “being in the way” ugh) or trying to in any way excuse that action. He went on to have many, many great stories. But it still happened, and yes, he is still responsible. Quit trying to handwave it away.

And quit pretending that everyone who dislikes him based on that action simply isn’t familiar with the character or is new to comics. There are many real life reasons not to like a character for that one scene - and screaming about how they are unfairly judging your favorite doesn’t change that. Yes, even if it only happened once.

But basically, I think we saw a glimpse of the Hank Pym movie they would have given us in the EMH cartoon. Ugh, if that’s the case, I’m so glad we may be avoiding it. Because wow, that was a terrible effort at Yellow Jacket. (I did like their pre-YJ Hank, though.)

also, um.

I just read someone saying that “narratively, it doesn’t make sense to start with the second ant man.”

If the movies followed the comics exactly, no, it wouldn’t. But that train has long since left the station, you know?

Narratively, the comics have made many, many changes. In a world in which Hawkeye and Black Widow were founding Avengers, Baldr may or may not even exist, Thor doesn’t smack the ground with a stick to switch identities, Jane Foster is an astrophysicist instead of a nurse and/or doctor, and Bucky Barnes wasn’t a 16 year old sidekick, the movies can make any changes they wish. Swapping out the first Ant Man for the second one is not anywhere near as big as the rest of those changes.

Also, we can still get Jan at some point. She does not, bad comic stories and cartoons aside, have to be attached to Hank’s dick.

But tl;dr: it’s cool that you’re upset that you’re not getting your favorite Ant Man. Whatever. Be upset. But complaining that it “doesn’t make sense” to start with the second Ant Man in a movie verse that uses the comics as a vague guide is hilarious. The movie verse changes things. Get over it.


I love Hank and all, my comics are mostly Hank, but poor Scott just gets all the hate.

I’m the only person who likes Scott best and is excited he’s going to be in the Ant-Man movie, aren’t I…?

I am the entire Scott Lang fandom. And I can’t draw. Shit.

Scott only gets hate from the other bitter ant man fans. It’s like a much less vocal version of the Flash wars. (The nice one gets hate in that fandom, too.)

But I’m thrilled that the ant man is going to focus on Scott. I hope that means we get Cassie, too. (Don’t cut that out, Marvel!)

(As an aside, Scott is my favorite, but I’m pretty fond of Hank too. But I fear that they would have inevitably done the stupid ass Yellow Jacket storyline and I hate that story with the power of a million exploding suns. Whether it was the comics or the cartoon, it never managed to not come across as ableist, and the comics threw in some fun sexism, while they were at it.)


i thought everyone knew the ant-man movie was going to be about both hank pym AND scott lang

This, pretty much.