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David Alleyne/Teddy or Kaldur/Artemis!
zarabithia zarabithia Said:

As much as I want David and Teddy to be each other’s endgame, I’ve been feeling very Kaldury lately.

  • shops for groceries: I think this is mostly Kaldur. Kaldur I feel gets a huge kick out of the surface world’s traditions, including their grocery stores. And between all the saving of the world that goes on, sometimes he doesn’t have time to deal with just taking in the mundane ridiculousness of Krogers. But somedays he does, and he relishes it. 
  • kills the spiders: Artemis. She’s the one named for the goddess of the  hunt, right? And Kaldur doesn’t really understand this whole thing that the surface world has with killing harmless spiders. He doesn’t care, but at least when The Dog does it, it makes sense, because dogs are even more ridiculous than his king’s collection of prized sea horses. 
  • comes home drunk at 3am: Artemis. Those girls’ nights out are amazing, even when Jade doesn’t come with them. 
  • makes breakfast: I actually think Artemis is the one who knows how to cook the best. Due to the way they were raised, Artemis and Jade spent a lot of time taking care of each other and themselves, so they learned how to cook pretty well. That doesn’t mean that Kaldur can’t cook, but he spends a lot of time washing dishes instead. 
  • remembers to feed the fish: LOL, Kaldur of course. 
  • decorates the apartment: I feel that most of the apartment is done in Artemis’ touch. But little trinkets and pictures here and there (and the fish) come from Kaldur’s sensibilities.
  • initiates duets: Artemis. Kaldur does join her, though, with very little prompting. 
  • falls asleep first: The whole peaceful, quiet living arrangment is super weird. Even living with Wally wasn’t like this for Artemis. Kaldur expects peace and quiet when he sleeps - he never slept well while he was undercover - so when the lights are turned off and Artemis is lying there listening to the sound of Kaldur breathing, sometimes it just takes a long time to finally drift off. She actually sleeps better once the bbs come along and there’s screaming or crying every half hour.


YJI - Traught - Reunion


I finally get inspiration for Traught week and it’s on the last day..

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“It’s too dangerous and I don’t think you understand how much you mean to me, Kal.”

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countlessuntruths said: Since Hawkeyes have been requested, either Kaldur/Dick or Kaldur/Artemis, 1. Bad romance plot loosely taken from “A Man I Used to Know” by Margot Dalton

"It will be nice, seeing Kaldur again," Wally said in what Artemis supposed was supposed to be the most subtle way possible as they had lunch in the hospital cafeteria.

"I know you’re not a real medical professional or anything, but I thought they taught you lab guys the basics," Artemis replied coolly. "Namely, never to pick an open wound."

"Might get an infection," Wally retorted back.

"Seriously, how did I ever sleep with you?"

"When you had other options?" Wally pressed.

"Now is a good time to remind you what I can do with a sharp scalpel."

Her job was never easy, and that was one of the reasons that Artemis took it. The other reasons she didn’t dwell on, and if people were smart enough, they didn’t dwell on it either. The only person who was allowed to was her mother, and even she lingered on the obvious only long enough for a hug that lasted longer than it needed to and an “I’m proud of you, Artemis” that was softer than it ever needed to be.

But her job became extra difficult on the second day of the rodeo, when the only other person who had ever had the liberty to dwell on just why the child of two criminals would become a doctor landed on her table in the Emergency room.

Artemis did her job, and she did it well, trying not to think about the fact that there were two terrified looking children in the waiting room that looked an awful lot like Tula.

Five years ago, Tula had been alive.

When Artemis’ hands were sore from being forced to remain steady, Kaldur opened his eyes and looked up at her groggily. The small smile took more energy than he should have expended, so really, it was the least she could do to return it.

"Hey, Cowboy," she managed to reply back. "We really do have to stop meeting like this."


“Your own parents? What are they like?”

requested by chipofmintchocolate


“Your own parents? What are they like?”

requested by chipofmintchocolate


So Artemis is giving up her hero persona and costume + weapons in order to try and move on from the life she had from Wally…

She decides to become Tigress which is the persona she had when she was undercover with Kaldur… This smells Seaarrow forshadow!! May be reaching a little but Seaarrow is…

zarabithia zarabithia Said:

She’d been happy before, Artemis told herself when the undercover mission began. In fact, it was the mantra that she repeated each morning.

Telling herself that she’d been happy allowed her to have something to fight for. It gave her something to get back to, because she had been so happy with Wally, and getting back to that life that they had shared was absolutely worth biting down her temper at each slight that came her way through her newfound companions. It was absolutely worth swallowing back her revulsion at each terrible act that she and Kaldur couldn’t stop in order to keep their cover.

The mantra was a good one, and its familiarity drowned out the quiet memories of being restless during the repeated reality shows, prompt dinners, and college courses that were a part of her mundane new life.

But then Kaldur was hurt, and Artemis could barely manage to even think her old mantra without wanting to smash the image staring back at her from the mirror.

Artemis wasn’t sure what had changed - this life was worse than ever before, and she should want to get back the life she’d loved so much, shouldn’t she?

It took an innocent walk into Kaldur’s mind to figure out what had changed.

That figured, didn’t it? Kaldur always knew them better than they’d known themselves.

A simple brush of an image, something so delicate that Artemis couldn’t even reach out and touch it. She stood to the side, murmuring “together,” in Atlantean and in English, in the hopes that it would matter.

She wished that she could remember the Atlantean word for “happy,” because she would offer that promise, too. Someday, they’d find that too, just as the image suggested that Kaldur wanted.

If she could find the words, she would make that be her new mantra.

Zatanna Zatara/Artemis Crock
zarabithia zarabithia Said:

"Are you mad?"

It was the first thing that Artemis asked her and it was the last thing that Zatanna expected.

"Why would I be angry?" Zatanna asked. "You’re alive!"

In reply, Artemis handed over the charm she’d been using the past few months. “Nightwing wasn’t exactly truthful when he got this out of you. Plus, the whole lying about being dead deal.”

"I take it the others were stupid?" Zatanna asked. At Artemis’ nod, she rolled her eyes. "We all grieved for you. But we all took vows to be heroes and know what that means to our personal happiness sometimes. I’m just glad you’re back."

"I"m glad I’m back, too. So glad you could possibly even get away with one of those mushy hugs you’re so fond of."

Zatanna seized the invitation when it was offered.

Later, when they were snuggling together on the couch, she continued to do so.


oh my god i was so artblocked when i drew this so it’s really bad

i’m going to draw more young avengers/young justice crossover tho because. cmon.


Ordinary Artemis pairings w/ Roy, Dick, and Kaldur

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roserelease asked: “Artemis from Young Justice.”

* how I feel about them

Artemis took a while to grow on me, actually. I’m not sure why. Maybe I was fearing what I thought was going to be her inevitable mole-hood? Whatever the problem was, I got over it. I really do like the rich backstory they gave her and Cheshire in the toon verse. I definitely want her to hang out with Mia.

* favourite scene

I think it was when everyone was revealing each other’s secrets. She’d struggled so hard all season with her heritage and family and then Conner’s sharing his and she’s like “Welp, no better time, and I finally have a good reason to blurt this out.” I was just so impressed with her in that scene.

* otp for them (romantic or otherwise)

Is it bad that’s kind of Roy? Maybe it can be Real!Roy, since Clone!Roy is taken. I do like the Spitfire as it is shown on the show, but I spend the whole time going “…But Linda…” (which isn’t fair. Different continuity, etc, etc. But I do it anyway, and I know it’s ridiculous.) I could also go for Robin, because it hits my Archer/Bats kink.

* my endgame of choice

Artemis and Clone!Roy take turns kicking ass, babysitting Lian, and training the next awesome archer sidekick, who I dearly hope is Mia.

* my response to fandom’s attitude towards them

I generally avoid YJ’s posts about their female characters whenever I can because it’s safer for my bloodpressure, but I think fandom as a whole is pretty positive about her? Which is awesome. I’ve heard tales about white-washing, but I don’t usually look at fanart in this fandom.

Awwwwww, poor Captain Marvel.

"You are so making this up to me later." LOL, show, I approve when you are completely inappropriate.

Ahaha, Mal’s Superboy costume. :) Conner’s reaction is pretty much the same as mine to the 90s outfit.  So bad.


Also, I love that Roy gets invited to the adult (and Robin) secret meeting. I love more that Kaldur, Robin and Wally are OBVIOUSLy in the clear with Roy.

Hi, there, Secret!

AHAHA, Zatanna switching her shoes in the middle of her running sequence. Awesome.

"Harm doesn’t battle his demons. Harm embraces them." LOLOLOL, that’s a little too much cheese, show.

Harm is a little too much cheese, to be frank. The whole “referring to self in 3rd self” really only works for Doom.

I approve of M’gann, Conner and Wally’s prank. Sucks to be you, Marvin.

Okay, the “Secret” thing is annoying me now.

Ha, Artemis’ comeback. Saving that one up, were you, Artie?

To be honest, I didn’t like this one. Greta didn’t live up to the considerable awesome she was in the comics (where she was allowed to have actual dialogue, pft.) And the women on this show are fantastic, so Greta not being allowed to reach her full awesome (standing still is not a superpower, show) is especially disappointing, because this show could do better. Also, Harm sucked.

tl;dr: Eh, every show has at least one turkey.

So you saw the latest Young Justice, right? Remember Artemis's latest innuendo? I realized something. I think Arty was sexually active before the Team, and I kinda like the way it's being implied. She acts like someone who knows that she's hot and enjoys doing it with hot guys. There's no implication that it damaged her or that she's lesser for it. What do you think?
zarabithia zarabithia Said:

The “I feel like I’m naked and not in the fun way,” or whatever it was?

Yeah, I think that’s awesome.

I also liked that M’gann seems comfortable with herself and with being intimate with Superboy. There are many comic book examples where I am not sure that both parties are happy with their activities (Kori is NOT an example of this, but there are others.) Likewise, my girlfriend has a great love of romance novels, where the no-means-yes-have-this-sexy-rape-that-we-won’t-call-rape scenes are high.

And I actually think that, despite their heteronormative outlook on life, romance novels serve as an essential introduction to sexuality for young women. So I don’t think they’re all terrible, but some of the lessons taught in them are pretty bad.

tl;dr: younger female humans need healthy examples of older female humans being comfortable and secure with consensual sexual activity, and this show does an awesome job.