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Dear people tagging their Scarlet Witch hate:

I hope someone actually DOES kill all of your precious X-Men. Maybe then you will know what “genocide” means. There may be excuses for being assholes, but there is no excuse for being an ignorant asshole. Find a goddamn dictionary already.

P.S.: You are a douche and the Scarlet Witch is better than you.

04th Jul 2012 6:12pm 2 years ago 10 notes

AvX Live Kickoff Event


In case any of you missed it earlier today this is the live stream from Marvel where the writers discuss the upcoming Avengers vs. X-Men event.

“Unlike Civil War there will be a winner and a loser.”

I can tell you I am very excited about this and I cannot wait!

Wait, there wasn’t a winner and loser in Civil War? Um.
08th Dec 2011 3:24pm 2 years ago 8 notes

"#Magneto vs kid #Loki is one of many intriguing possibilities. Wouldn’t they get up to some shenanigans?" - @mattfraction #AvX



LOLOL. No lie, I’d read the hell out of it. Team Kid!Loki all the way.
08th Dec 2011 3:22pm 2 years ago 20 notes