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Is it the deal that I think it is? - Um, do you think I volunteered us to compete in the Arena World for the House Verus? - That’s exactly what I think. - Then yes. - Why didn’t you tell me?!

The Flash Annual 2


It’s my job to protect the Gem Cities. To protect my friends. No matter the price I have to pay. I won’t stop running.”

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Watch out iris West fandom.

If the DC comic con has taught me anything it’s that Arrow showrunners/producers(the same people working on The Flash) don’t mind ditching comic canon for what vocal fans want.

You really don’t want your future to be “Season three Barry and Caitlin finally go on their first date”


Iris West is amazing and she must be protected at all cost. And no, Caitlin and Barry don’t need to go on a date. Ever.


LOL, cry more at “the show runners dont respect the comic canon!” especially since you’re whining about Ollie and Dinah, the most unhealthy and awful ship DC has ever given. Gee, I guess she won’t get to punch him and he won’t get to shock her into unconsciousness. And he’ll never get to kidnap her daughter and send her off to live at an orphanage without Dinah’s consent.

Fuck comics and fuck people in comics fandom who thinks that we have to keep retelling the same goddamn unhealthy relationships over and over and over again.

Barry and Iris belong together because they make each other better, and protecting Iris as portrayed by Patton is important because the character is amazing and fandom is racist.

but basically lol at you thinking Ollie and Dinah are a happily ever canon that must be respected. They had a short and miserable marriage where they physically abused each other, and Ollie has been merrily fucking his way across the DC universe before and since then.

"comic canon." lol, go learn yours.