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Bruce Wayne would like to inform you that he does not approve of having his only daughter left out of family portraits and posts. 

Cassandra Cain & Family



In a family basically built on the idea of two characters being “DYNAMIC,” Cassandra stands to have a lot of interesting interactions with the characters around her. And the great thing with Cass is that dynamic is a right description.

However brief her interactions with other characters in the Bat Family might be, when she’s allowed a dynamic with them, it’s unlike any of the other interactions she has int eh Bat Family. Each one is unique and both Cass and the other member receive different things from each other as a result.

Issues with Cass are hard to find, and often it can be hard to exactly peg down what a relationship is, so I figured I’d make a quick little fact sheet for curious fans and fandom contributors who want to know more about Cassandra in the Bat Family : )

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Oops! I accidentally sketched more Batgirls.
My two fave costumes!
There’s a possibility I’ll finish this at some point.


Oops! I accidentally sketched more Batgirls.

My two fave costumes!

There’s a possibility I’ll finish this at some point.

robinless asked
Top 5 DC pairings!


1. John/Shayera from JLU. IT COUNTS. IT MUST.
2. Dick/Roy
3. Steph/Cass
4. Diana/Clark
5. Barry/Dinah

DC(New and Improved)U:

1. Roy/Jason/Kori and all combinations thereof
2. Kate Kane/Maggie Sawyer
3. Miguel/Tim
4. Diana/Clark (no matter the universe, I love it.)
5. Dinah/Ev

Amy sells out: I am putting entirely too much thought into how I'd write a Cass series if I could


I definitely would never pull that “rewiring” bullshit. She’d start off with a vocabulary of about 10 words, and then add one probably about every arc. Unless I was starting off with her as having been established for a while, then she’d have a larger repertoire. I don’t think she’d really get…

I will never understand why people have problem with Cass being able to speak. The entirety of her not being able to verbablly communicate always came off as a skeevy “lol, the Asian woman can’t speak English, haha, see what we did there?” comment from the writers (It’s funny how the white US dude could beat up anything without “having a vocabulary of about ten words,” isn’t it?). It was a gross subplot and if/when Cass comes back, I hope that entire subplot continues to be ignored.

I suppose somebody somewhere thinks it’s a positive portrayal of a disability in a comic (no, it wasn’t), but if you’re going to be “positive,” maybe you could do so without the bonus casual racism.