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black widow : important comics

↳ essential

itsy bitsy spider / devin grayson & jg jones

breakdown / devin grayson, greg rucka & scott hampton

name of the rose / marjorie liu & daniel acuna

black widow / nathan edmondson & phil noto

↳ other

tales of suspense 52-53, 57 / n. korok & don heck

amazing spider-man #86 / stan lee & john romita, jim mooney

web of intrigue (download) / ralph macchio & george perez

homecoming & the things they say about her (download) / richard k. morgan & bill sienkiewicz, sean phillips

the coldest war (download) / gerry conway & george freeman

kiss or kill (#06-08) / duane swierczynski & garcia charalampidis, manuel garcia

fear itself: black widow / cullen bunn & peter nguyen

punisher: war zone #02 / greg rucka & carmine di giandomenico

avengers assemble #12-13 / kelly sue deconnick & peter woods, mark bagley

avengers assemble #14AU / al ewing & butch guice

a+x #10 / b. clay moore & kris anka

↳ team-ups


  • volume 1, #81-124, #187-189, #368-371 / gerry conway & gene colan, frank miller & klaus janson, joe kelly & gene colan
  • volume 2, #1-8#61-64 (download) / kevin smith & joe quesada, brian michael bendis & alex maleev

secret avengers

captain america volume 5 (#25-619) / ed brubaker & various

widowmaker / jim mccann & david lopez

captain america & black widow (#636-640) / cullen bunn & francesco francavilla

winter soldier (#01-14) / ed brubaker & butch guice

avengers assemble #18 / ksd & barry kitson

↳ bonus

marvel’s the avengers: the black widow strikes / fred van lente & various

this mini suffers from some questionable art in places, but it’s generally well written and offers a bit more of an insight into mcu natasha’s past and what drives her. it’s sort of a take on the itsy bitsy spider storyline from 616, updated for the mcu. it’s worth a read imo

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New cover for Storm #4. It’s an official this time.

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this one goes out to all the heavy sleepers in the world

… and all the nick furies that try to prank help them.


favorite marvel characters: steve rogers/captain america

Look at this pretty face.

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Amazing X-Men Annual

Words : Monty Nero

Art: Salvador Larroca

This is amazing.

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You’re gonna miss each and every shot you can’t be bothered to take. That’s not living life—that’s just being a tourist. Take every shot, Kate. If it’s worth caring about, no matter how impossible you think it is—you take the shot.


Combining that quote with those scenes.


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Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day. Today’s post:

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Looks like a girl, but she’s a flame
So bright, she can burn your eyes
Better look the other way
You can try but you’ll never forget her name
She’s on top of the world

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representing all the women, salute, salute

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Today’s discovery is that Miles Morales is AMAZING.

sneakronicity said: I’d be interested to know what you think of Marvel 1602. I bought and read it for the same reason, but found it rather meh. I actually had quite a few issues with it, to be honest.
I figure I will probably spam the hell out of tumblr when I sit down to read Miles, 1602, and possibly the Runaways (I read like the first three issues of the Runaways once, and I didn’t care for them, so I am giving them another try, because dammit, I want to enjoy one of the few mainstream comics that has queer characters in it). I tried to read 1602 once before, but I was brand new to Marvel and therefore very confused about the references, so I decided to give it another try. You should tell me what your issues were! I am a killjoy who has issues with The Greatest Batman Story Ever Told, so you know, we can hang out in our killjoy boat. I’ll bring gluten free cookies.
quakenbake said: yeah! miles is the greatest. you will not regret taking a chance on him.
I hate the Ultimates Marvel Universe so much (because of Ultimates Steve), AND ALL THE 616 THINGS BENDIS HAS WRITTEN MAKE ME CRY, but literally everytime I see a scan of Miles, I am like “But I should read that.” So I am definitely giving it a try, because he seems great. And today I saw some scan of him hugging some guy? And I thought “aww, friendships? Awww” and so in the bookstore today, I said “aw, yes, will buy.”

Used Bookstore TPB Haul for the Day:

1. The first trade in Miles’ run of Spider-Man. I AM READING SOMETHING
I MIGHT NOT MAKE IT. (But Miles seems awesome, so here we go.)

2. Runaways “Teenage Wasteland.”

3. Red Hood: The Lost Days. Already bought in single issues, but you
know. Excuse to re-read

4. 3 Wonder Woman trades - 2 from Rucka (Praise His Name and Praise
This Run of Wondy) and the awful Jodi Picoult run. The last one was
cheap, what can I say.

5. Marvel 1602. Everyone loves it, so I thought it was time I finally
sat down and read it.

Went for my daily walk. Passed the comic store. Went in and browsed. Had to listen to an anti-union commercial AND a Rush Limbaugh radio program.

Ugh, my little redneck town.

But on the plus side, I scored three Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD, a War Machine, a Heroes for Hire (1997) and one of the few WCA that I haven’t read. All for $3.20. Decentish.