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gammacazador asked
Have you seen the preview for Edge of Spider-verse? I love that Spider-Woman/Gwen Stacy is in an all girl band.

Nope, I haven’t seen it yet.

That sounds awesome though. 

lady-alternate asked
I'm going to assume there's a good reason why you're tearing my heart out today with Jonathan Brandis posts, and pre-emptively forgive you as I cry into your shoulder.

Two reasons: 

1. I’ve been having serious SeaQuest nostalgia over the past week, and am rewatching it on NetFlix. 

2. My dad passed away yesterday, so it is making my nostalgia about my childhood even worse. 

sneakronicity asked
Oh man, I'm glad I'm not the only one bothered by that! I don't even care about Bucky, except when it pertains to Steve, but he's not Russian and labeling him a Soviet is disturbing and awful considering what was done to him and what they put him through. Even Natasha, who was, has moved past that and done so much more with her life. Soviet Soulmates is just gross in so many ways.

Yeah, and of course an entire country cannot be judged by what their leaders do. So nobody is saying that all Russians are terrible or whatever. Of course not, that’s ridiculous. (Tumblr being tumblr someone will assume this if I do not clarify) 

But calling Bucky Russian or Soviet or making up  headcanons where he is Russian … it’s not okay. It is further erasing a victim’s past and giving that past to those who made him a victim in the first place. It is fundamentally giving the abusers a larger role than they already had. 

It makes me nauseous tbh.

I don’t think they’ll kill her off, but she’ll probably be ill like in Scott’s origin story.

Yeah, I expect that too. I’ll be okay with it, I suppose. I mean, it’s her history too, as well as his.

lady-alternate replied to your post “lady-alternate replied to your photo “Official Look At Scott Lang …”

I have learned, over time, that “very important to the plot” usually means “will be killed for manpain” when referring to female characters in Hollywood. Fool me once, shame on me…

Yeah, I don’t think they’re going to include a little girl just to kill her off. I’m not that pessimistic about it. If anything, I think they are going to try to mirror Hope and Cassie in some way. 

But if they do kill her off, I will be prepared because comics writers are shittier than Hollywood. 

lady-alternate replied to your photo “Official Look At Scott Lang  Hmmm.”

I’m not convinced. They’re playing up “career criminal” and totally blanking Cassie in that synopsis. Another straight white guy we’re told to love but not given a reason to, despite the fact that 616 Scott Lang is sympathetic as they come.

The synopsis is pretty shady, but one of the people involved basically confirmed that Cassie was important, so unless he was talking out of his ass 

(it’s Hollywood always possible) 

I have hope that she will be important and play a big role. I mean, the synopsis of CATWS made me yell for months initially. So. Maybe that will be the case. Probably not but maybe.  

I’m not optimistic about it, but I have more to be excited about for this movie than I do AOU, 

though “fridging Jan vs. Turning Wanda Into River” is a pretty even score right there. 

Scott is my favorite ant man and I really hope that his movie is good. I hope Cassie is in it lots and I hope that Hope is awesome. 

I hope the POC that they’ve cast play awesome roles and are vital and important to the film and not just side characters (though, yes, we should have gotten Black Panther before my favorite Ant Man.) 

I hope a lot of things about this movie. I will probably not be rewarded. 

In conclusion:

Glad to hear you’re ok.

:) Thanks.

I’m fine. The muscle was in the chest so it was freaking me out a bit, and I can’t really breathe deeply because of it.

But all’s well and I am just a wuss, apparently, lol.

aw… Sam would warm you personally if necessary.

Well. He might warm Steve Rogers personally. :)

You dislike John Blake that much?


As a character, I suppose he was inoffensive.

I just found everything that he represented to be gross and odd and terrible.


a.) Having an actual Robin is terrible, apparently, according to Nolan, so we get this random dude who could have been Dick or Tim or Jason or ANYONE WHO ACTUALLY MATTERED, but no. Instead it has to be an OC who is named “Robin,” which I found to be a really disrespectful thing to do.

b.) Batman’s legacy is a little iffy anyway, right? Because it’s built on a foundation of “let’s beat up the mentally ill and POC and poor when we aren’t kidnapping children to groom them into being child soldiers.”

Now take that already problematic as shit concept and say that the Batman legacy is going to be placed into the hands of a cop.


A Gotham cop.

A male Gotham cop.

c.) Batman just gave up and was like “lol, you be batman, random dude I’ve known for five seconds.”

I hate Batman, but what the hell.
becauseforoncethisisme asked
Unpopular opinion: I want more of Sif and the Warriors Three over more Loki. Especially Hogun. I want Hogun to talk!

I agree! Good goals for the MCU, tbh. 

myriadnakama asked
Batman and Robin is my favorite batman movie


My favorite is Batman Forever. 

Though I will take Bat Nipples over John Blake. 

countlessuntruths replied to your post “… but we agree on the unpopular opinions.”

I mean I could go “I don’t like Stony! I love Clark and Diana together!” and so on and so forth and like, in most, I think the answer would be ‘I know, me too!’ so.

It’s so sweet that you think I would be that nice about it. :) 

saturnofthemoon asked
Joss Whedon is a racist, sexist douchebag. Wait, is that even unpopular anymore? Okay, I think the standalone movies in the MCU are much better than the Avengers will ever be. Avengers is a popcorn movie I put in when I don't feel like using brain cells. My favorites are the Cap movies and Thor.

Joss Whedon is a racist, sexist douchebag.

Well, I have to disagree. Calling Joss whedon a racist, sexist douchebag isn’t fair. It’s much more fair to call him a racist, sexist, transphobic douchebag. 

Wait, is that even unpopular anymore? 

There is a tumblr for stans and ppl think GOTG ripped off his shitty racist show, so I’m sure a large portion of fandom still believes that Joss Whedon shits peanut butter cheesecake. 

Okay, I think the standalone movies in the MCU are much better than the Avengers will ever be. Avengers is a popcorn movie I put in when I don’t feel like using brain cells. My favorites are the Cap movies and Thor.

I think that CATWS is the Avengers movie I actually wanted, while still managing to be an amazing Cap movie. I’m not sure how this is possible. 

I need my superhero movies to have characterization. I need them to do more than punch things and do immitations of Xander, Angel, & Buffy.

The Avengers didn’t bother. 

I think that Nat & Steve had some good scenes, but the solo movies do characterization so fucking well that I could watch them over and over again and feel like I learn something new. 


I like the Avengers, more or less, in the same way that I like Batman Forever. It’s silly and bright and fun and it wasn’t done by Nolan, thank fuck.