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I actually paused for a moment :D

Melinda May is the primary reason I stuck with AOS when it was frustrating me the most. So yes. :)

18th Sep 2014 3:03pm 37 minutes ago 4 notes
amarie-di-caprio asked: Psst...what is 616 Stucky? :O

616= Main marvel comic book universe (not ultimates, etc.) 

616 Stucky = Steve/Bucky in the main comic book universe where Bucky was a sidekick and they did not grow up together, but they were still besties, slept in tents together, and losing Bucky was a hurt that Steve never, ever got over. 

18th Sep 2014 9:02am 6 hours ago 2 notes

littlemissgriff replied to your post “littlemissgriff replied to your post:I give less than zero fucks if…”

No, I’m pretty sure the entire world is missing out on civil war fetish bucky. I mean, I love movie!Bucky, but he isn’t ‘I was always hardwired a bit on the murder side’ jailbait sniper.

sometimes I think about how little 616  Stucky there is and I cry a little. 

I mean, he didn’t stay a jailbait sniper. He was 20 years old at the end of the war! People could write it! 

Instead of the same old “It’s cold/Steve can’t fuck because Asthma/Bucky works on the docks because they’re poor/Peggy’s got girl cooties” plot over and over and over again. Which, you know, has a time and a place. But branching out is good

18th Sep 2014 8:41am 7 hours ago 2 notes

lady-alternate replied to your post “It also shows that Al Ewing is a better writer than Josh Whedon. Considering how Whedon ignored Xavin’s gender fluidity in his Runaways run.”

Twenty seven seconds! I’m speechless; that’s almost an eternity of you and Danny standing in uncomfortable silence before going “nope”. *grin*

LOL, now I can just see the two of us standing awkwardly in a room, me thinking “… okay, I love everyone who loves you, there has to be something about … nope.” 

18th Sep 2014 8:34am 7 hours ago 3 notes

picardspajamas replied to your post “It also shows that Al Ewing is a better writer than Josh Whedon. Considering how Whedon ignored Xavin’s gender fluidity in his Runaways run.”

joss i wrote a gay pairing in 2002 and now i never have to address queer representation again whedon

I totally agree that Joss should stay away from queer representation

and straight representation

and people in general

maybe away from the entire animal kingdom. 

mostly he should write about plants. And non-sentient objects. 

18th Sep 2014 12:58am 14 hours ago 3 notes
ironmcn asked: your about me scares the crap out of me but at the same time you seem intimidatingly wonderful

I believe in the kindness of warnings. 


18th Sep 2014 12:24am 15 hours ago 2 notes
gammacazador asked: It also shows that Al Ewing is a better writer than Josh Whedon. Considering how Whedon ignored Xavin's gender fluidity in his Runaways run.

The list of reasons that Al Ewing is a better writer than Joss Whedon, if written out on paper, would circle the earth at least five times. 

But given that Joss Whedon can’t wrap his idea around bisexuality or queer men or trans women or lesbians that are healthy and not part of abusive relationships and/or committing rape, the fact that gender fluidity sails over his pretty little head shouldn’t be surprising tbh. 

The fact that Al Ewing is writing Loki is the only reason I might pick that series up. I don’t care about Loki, but Al Ewing is amazing and almost made me care about Danny Rand for 27 seconds. 

18th Sep 2014 12:10am 15 hours ago 8 notes
Apparently, trussing up a 16 year old is civil war fetish gear and sending him to assassinate Nazi’s wasn’t on Disney’s to-do list. Sad.

It’s only sad for me and Steve.

17th Sep 2014 11:41pm 15 hours ago 4 notes
  • sam: is nice to steve, offers him advice, gives steve and natasha a place to hide out, helps save the world
  • fandom: ok but hes probably hydra
  • rumlow: acts nice to steve bc he's secretly part of a nazi organization that has infiltrated shield and cant blow his cover, tries to kill steve, tries to kill steve again and natasha and sam, calls bucky 'the asset', watches as bucky gets tortured, nearly kills a shield agent, helps set up the helicarriers that are going to kill a lot of innocent people, tries to kill sam again, is a nazi
  • fandom: ok but is he really that bad? i mean he glanced at bucky a few times and he was nice to steve once at the beginning of the movie plus hes a hot white guy he's probably a double agent or has a tragic backstory or something
17th Sep 2014 5:00pm 22 hours ago 399 notes
sneakronicity asked: I am forever amused that some of your biggest kinks are my biggest squicks, and we don't ship the same ships yet we get along well and have interesting conversations and why can't all of fandom be like this? It would be so much less stressful!

I don’t know but I blame it on you being a rational human being. :)

Also we are bound together by hatred of similar things so that helps.

17th Sep 2014 4:56pm 22 hours ago 5 notes
how the beginning of age of ultron should go
  • tony: hey guys
  • tony: what if i made an ultra-intelligent system that can detect threats and eliminate them instantly
  • pepper: tony
  • rhodey: tony no
  • steve: that is literally the exact same thing hydra did and i just blew them up what is wrong with you
  • natasha: aren't you supposed to be a genius
  • bruce: at least you ran it by the rest of us before you actually built the thing so we could stop you
  • tony: ...
  • tony: about that
  • steve: tony what the fuck
  • tony: i'll just turn it off no biggie
  • ultron: *goes out of control and starts blowing up cities*
  • tony: fuck
  • tony: i fucked up
17th Sep 2014 3:38pm 1 day ago 1,157 notes
queenconstanceyo asked: Scent kink

No | rather notI dunno | I guess | Sure | Yes | FUCK yes | Oh god you don’t even know 

17th Sep 2014 1:04pm 1 day ago 0 notes

atwellling replied to your post “LOL, speaking of double standards in fandom I just saw a post…”

if fandom practiced what it preaches it would side-eye both of their asses equally.


LOL to people who think one of them is a good person.

17th Sep 2014 1:02pm 1 day ago 1 note
thank u!!!!

No problem. :)

17th Sep 2014 8:57am 1 day ago 0 notes
queerkents asked: whispers whats verbal bondage

Verbal bondage is when one of the parties is held in place through the verbal commands of another partner instead of through physical restraints like rope or handcuffs or leather.

17th Sep 2014 8:46am 1 day ago 5 notes

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