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fivelettered replied to your post “For the tumblr blog ship meme: MEEE!!!(^ω^)”

if that’s not the best gif to say ‘whoa hey cutie’

LOl, I know, right? Out of context it looks even more flirty than it did in context, which is impressive. 

Asker fivelettered Asks:
you and kissingcullens -HIDES FOREVER-
zarabithia zarabithia Said:

This is clearly a ship bonded together by mutual hatred of terrible people and mutual fondness for Sam Wilson.

Asker myriadnakama Asks:
For the Meme, when are you getting on line? I'm BORED. We should watch a movie.
zarabithia zarabithia Said:

I can’t watch a movie and write shitty Sam/Steve ABO fic at the same time, dork. And since I am one frustration away from saying “fuck this fic,” and knocking Steve up, distractions are bad. 

Asker taloness Asks:
For the tumblr blog ship meme: MEEE!!!(^ω^)
zarabithia zarabithia Said:

  • marvel: [has a black man walk in the background of the shot of the 6 white avengers]
  • marvel fandom: REPRESENTATION.
  • marvel fandom: DO YOU SEE THAT.
  • marvel fandom: DC, WHERE YOU AT.
  • marvel fandom: YOUR MOVE, DC.
  • marvel fandom: ON YOUR LEFT, DC.
Asker kitsune-jade Asks:
Wait, wait. Are people actually saying they are going to boycott Agent Carter because of the news about Jan? Of all the things to boycott, Agent FUCKING CARTER? Are people even thinking logically? How in the world would that make the Marvel execs rethink their decision. I mean how does Agent Carter directly affect what happened to Jan? Shouldn't people boycott or you know stop giving support to the project in which Jan should be in like Ant-Man or Avengers? What. Just. What?! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
zarabithia zarabithia Said:

Well, you have to remember that Marvel fandom loves nothing more than pitting women against each other, so the “I’M BOYCOTTING AGENT CARTER BECAUSE I’M NOT GETTING JAN” is actually a sequel in a long line of fail that also included these blockbusters: 

1. I’m Boycotting the Black Widow Solo Book Because It’s Not A Mockingbird Solo

2.  I’m Boycotting the Black Widow Solo Book Because Remender Fridged Sharon

3.  I’m Boycotting the Black Widow Solo Book Because Marvel Only Cares About Black Widow 

4. Carol Danvers Is the Only Female Character Who Deserves a Solo Movie

5. Carol Danvers Deserves a Solo Movie More Than Black Widow

6. Natasha Stole Sharon’s Role In CATWS

7 . Maria Hill Stole Sharon’s Role in CATWS

8. Jessica Drew and Natasha Have No Right To Be In Secret Avengers Because MOCKINGBIRD IS BETTER!!!!!!!!! 

9. Sif is More Important Than Jane Foster FOR FEMINISM

10. Jane Foster Is More Important Than Sif FOR FEMINISM.

So you know. Marvel Fandom: Pitting Women Against Each Other Since They Unfortunately Gained Access to the Internet. This particular failure is standard operating procedure. 

Cap 3 and Supes vs Bats were slated for a same day release. I don't know if that's changed.
zarabithia zarabithia Said:

I believe that Cap 3 will probably be a better film and less full of ANGST

But … my current sexual orientation is Diana’s Movie Costume, so goddamn that will be a hard choice. 

Asker zarabithia Asks:
I KNOW THE MOVIE IS GIVING ME DC FEELS TOO, and Marvel stole me away once I discovered Steve Rogers.
zarabithia zarabithia Said:



I might beg you to write me lots of Diana/Steve and Diana/Sam/Nat/Bucky/Steve/Everyone fics. You should probably be prepared for me to spam you, once these movies come out, when you feel the urge to do prompt memes *g*


that Diana costume has had me cooing for hours so the chances that I will be perfectly okay with that ARE VERY HIGH. (that costume is everything I want a Diana costume to be.) 

I mean, I already feel for Diana and Arthur because they are stuck with a bizarre looking Batman, BUT THAT COSTUME. If I didn’t ship Steve/Diana already that costume would make me do it. 

That costume could make me ship Diana/anyone, even if I didn’t already. 

Sam/Steve/Diana though. Let’s pause to imagine that. 


Asker gammacazador Asks:
I know what you mean. I would love for Jan to still be around and we see her interact with Hope.
zarabithia zarabithia Said:

So much more interesting than Hank’s manpain.

Asker gammacazador Asks:
What do you think of Evangeline Lilly playing Hope Van Dyne in Ant-Man?
zarabithia zarabithia Said:

It sounds like they fridged Jan, so if it’s only to give Hank motiviation, I’m really not here for that. I hope (haha) that Jan and Hope had a good relationship and that it is her mom motivating her and not Hank, because I … do not care about fictional dads pretty much ever.

I am angry that Jan is not going to be a part of the MCU, when she has more of a right to be an Avenger than anyone of any gender, but I am not … overly surprised? I mean, it’s been clear that she is nobody’s priority in the MCU offices since she  was pushed out of the way to make Clint a founding Avenger when - as much as I love Clint - there was literally no reason for that to happen. 

I don’t know anything about the character yet, so I don’t have any thoughts on Hope. She could be great. The fact that she isn’t Jan isn’t enough to make me hate her or the film yet. Though I am side-eying the fuck out of it for starting off with tossing Jan in a fridge. 

I really just want to know if the casting rumors about Cassie were right or not at this stage. 

@when-it-rains-it-snows replied to your post “sneakronicity replied to your post “Yes @ Mockingbird. I hope she has…”

All I want for my birthday is for the Bobbi stuff to be super awesome. No storyline/backstory revolving around anyone’s dick. Why would you want that. Her comics history is like a PowerPoint presentation on “How to ruin a good thing.”

God yes. On all accounts. 

saturnofthemoon replied to your post “sneakronicity replied to your post “Yes @ Mockingbird. I hope she has…”

I’ve actually wanted to read more about Mockingbird for a long time, but most of her comics are about her relationship with Clint. AOS is a perfect way to get to know the character.

Comics are failures when it comes to female characters, but sometimes I think about how much they failed Bobbi and I get upset.

I mean, her rape is basically made into “CLINT’S FEELINGS.” 

And then she dies and that is, of course, made into “CLINT’S FEELINGS.” 

And then it is revealed that she spent 3 fucking years on a planet full of shape shifters because she is just that awesome as a spy, and that is made into “CLINT’S FEELINGS.” 

And then she has to deal with the fact that CLINT’S FEELINGS are different than her own because the skrull who replaced her did not follow through with the divorce and that is of course about CLINT’S FEELINGS. 

And the thing that is actually relevant to CLINT’S FEELINGS is the fact that the guy who thought that Bobbi killing her rapist was  A HORRIBLE THING was perfectly fine with murdering people when she came back to life is never fully addressed beyond McCann’s pathetic little “but I understand now,” which ugh, is shit. 

And then the first introduction we got to her in Secret Avengers was HEY SHE USED TO BE INTIMATE WITH CLINT’S DICK IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW. 

Literally every time she shows up, someone in fandom or at Marvel wants it to be all about Clint or her relationship with Clint. NO. Bobbi Morse is a brilliant spy and she is an amazing scientists, and goddammit she deserves more than to be constantly linked with Clint as though she isn’t her own person. 

Because you know what? Clint is mentioned plenty without Bobbi.

lady-alternate replied to your post “This morning: Hey, this is an AOS blog that follows me. Do I follow…”

Holy shit, I went and looked at their back-slapping and they’re even creating a #standwithward hastag and demanding apologies from people who point out that Ward is an evil nazi fuck. And they think THEY’RE victims…

Well, that makes sense, tho.

I mean. 

to like stand by Grant Ward, you have to have a fundamental lack of understanding of what makes someone a victim and what makes someone an abuser.


*spams your inbox* It just disgusts me that Ward has tons of supporters, despite the horrible things he's done. Meanwhile, no one ever talks about Mike Peterson, who is an actual victim and only did what he did to keep Ace alive. (If it had been his own life at risk, he would have let Hydra kill him in a heartbeat.) Also, I ship Skye/Mike Peterson a 1000 times more than I ship Skye/Ward and I don't even ship Skye/Mike that hard.
zarabithia zarabithia Said:

It kills me that Ward stans don’t talk about Ace.

Because they want to pretend that they ~relate~ and ~care~ about Grant Ward, despite the terrible things that he does, and they want to pretend that he deserves redemption for the terrible things he’s done because wah wah wah wah he had a sad childhood.

Boo fucking hoo, but also, if those were really your motivations, you’d be spamming about Ace, you know. Ace, who your white misogynistic Nazi actively participated in the kidnapping and abuse of. 

So there’s that. 

And yeah, Mike. Mike Peterson is 100% more worthy of breathing oxygen than Grant Ward’s worthless ass ever will be. I’m more about shipping Skye with the ladies, but I ship Mike/Skye and basically anything that isn’t Skye/Ward.

Because Skye/The Guy Who Threatened To Rape Her is a terrible ship, and Grant/Death is a much better ship. But in a pinch, I will take Grant/Having The Shit Beat Out of Him On a Daily Basis By Everyone. 

But if Skye is May's daughter, I won't be able to ship them anymore. Okay, I could but I only ship siblings. *sniffles*
zarabithia zarabithia Said:


I am terrified about the new season, but I hope it gives lots of Skye learning from May because lol my favorite fictional kink.