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juvjuvychan replied to your post “Wait, am I reading that one post right?  Are people arguing that Skye…”

She did look up to ward once which is why his betrayal hurt her so much but she’s completely disillusioned with him now or did everyone miss the part where she took him down?

Yeah, I’d argue that Skye, Jemma, and Fitz all did to different degrees. Skye absolutely used to want to become the kind of agent that she thought he was. 

But she’s over that now. 

Because Skye does not #StandbyaNazi 

MCU: former Soviet assassin, current non-soviet assassin

Fans: loyal member of the avengers

MCU: alien entity seeking to conquer earth, rule humanity, and enslave or kill anyone who doesn't bow to him

Fans: Misunderstood puppydog! He had a REALLY tough childhood you don't even know

MCU: Steve's lifelong best friend, now a cyborg super-assassin who's spend 50 years undergoing deep conditioning to hate and destroy everything the avengers stand for

Fans: well, a good old-fashioned dose of vitamin Steve and a trip to the Steve museum cleared that right up!! Now he and Steve are friends again and Tony forgave him for killing his parents and they all play games together in avengers tower

MCU: Tony's lifelong best friend, who's there for him through thick and thin, who calls him on his selfish behavior and has risked his life to fight alongside Tony on multiple occasions

Fans: wow, he's kind of a shitty friend, isn't he?

MCU: A former superhero who quit the life because too many people were getting hurt, and picked it back up for the same reason. In the meantime, he still wanted to help people, so he volunteered at the veterans' hospital. He is shown as perhaps the one person in the film Steve can genuinely trust

Fans: well, he's OBVIOUSLY a secret villain, working as a double agent for the nazis even though he apparently singlehandedly constitutes 25% of the MCU's black population

zarabithia: Why would you photoshop a picture of Frida Kahlo so that you could "fix" her eyebrows

zarabithia: how .... clueless do you have to be to do this

cero: you're on tumblr and you have to ask THAT question?

cero: Sam Wilson, Hydra

ceron: Grant Ward, Woobie.

cero: Steve Rogers, homophobic republican

zarabithia: Abandon all hope, those who enter?

zarabithia: Is that what you are saying?

cero: Close enough

stormqueen replied to your post “True story.  I would feel safer in a room full of 50 Cis Dude Doms…”

Although MAN, tumblr would make you think that they’re all violent misogynists. Trolling for decent kinky and BDSM stuff on tumblr turns up SO much of that.

Yep. I am more terrified of looking in the related kink tags than I am to look in the Sam Wilson or Sharon Carter tag and I am horrified to look there. 

I mean, yes. There are some predators who lurk among the BDSM community. There are factually predators in every community. There are predators at Pride, utopia of peace love and understanding that tumblr might think it is. There are female predators, there are predators among POC, there are predators among abuse survivors.

Any time abuse happens within any community, it needs to be pointed out and the perpetrator needs to be dealt with. 

But when the conversation is always focused on a community that emphasizes consent far more than those outside the community ever do … by outsiders … then 

It’s no easier to take advantage and abuse a sub than it is anyone else. As someone who has been a victim of sexual violence, I get really tired of ignorant people on tumblr claiming otherwise. 

(daily reminder that my rapists were not part of the “BDSM culture”) 

Also, what the hell are you saying about subs and abuse survivors if you believe that it is easier to violate a sub? What are you even saying? Here is a hint: it’s really gross. You are basically saying that subs are easier to violate and abuse because you think they are more fragile (which is false as fuck.) You are basically saying that it is easier to violate someone who is fragile and that those who are strong and powerful (i.e., Doms) cannot be violated or abused. 

Stop and think what that says about all the non-kinky women who have been abused and violated. I’ll let tumblr think about them, because those are women it actually cares about. 

Yeah, it’s a shitty world view to carry around. 

But tumblr is a fucked up place that genuinely believes that

a.) All women who are into BDSM are submissive

b.) Submissives are only women

c.) All women who are submissive hate themselves, are abuse victims, etc. 

d.) All non-subs (mostly Male Doms because tumblr can’t wrap their minds around the idea that people might like to switch or that genders other than Cis dudes might be dominant) are violent misogynists who get off on rape.

If someone actually came to me and told me they had been abused or violated as part of the BDSM culture, I would believe them in a minute and so would every other kinkster I know. I would readily make sure that the dominant in question (or the sub, because shockingly, subs can be abusive too, but this advanced shit for tumblr so let’s not go there) was held accountable if it was at all in my ability to do so and I would never stop spreading the word to every kinkster I know. 

But if you’re just popping into a conversation about 50 Shades of Abuse to whine about how we totally can’t say that there are no Christian Greys in the BDSM Culture because there are!!!!!! 

Man you don’t care. That’s concern trolling. Get the fuck out. 

And that has been a rant. 

tldr; There’s a reason why all the “D/s a/us” are shit fests where the sub is oppressed, has no rights, is raped repeatedly, and is miserable and the Dom is Always a Cis Dude, always an asshole, and violently rapes his sub all the time. 

Tumblr should stop getting their ideas about BDSM culture from shitty fanfic and shitty “BDSM porn.” 


StandByaMisogynisticNazi Defenders: If you don't agree with these things, you just don't understand how abuse works! You are pro abuse!

StandByaMisogynisticNazi Defenders: No, it doesn't matter what your life experiences are. If you are not 100% behind Grant Ward, you ARE PRO ABUSE.

StandByaMisogynisticNazi Defenders: Grant Ward is a hero!!!

StandByaMisogynisticNazi Defenders: And btw, Victoria Hand was a villain.

Every Logical Human Being on the Planet: ...

StandByaMisogynisticNazi Defenders: Why do you hate straight white men? You are everything wrong with fandom.

but the white men! they’re treated so badly in fandom!

Let’s pause to imagine how much we would not be having this conversation if Grant Ward was not being played by a pretty white dude.

I’ve noticed a sudden influx of SHIELD hate and I have realized that it stems from ward stans like they’re blaming SHIELD for ward’s actions SHIELD wtf

And like. I was very happy when Steve said “we’re done. SHIELD has to end.” I was on his side, because shady government organizations.

But …. you can acknowledge that SHIELD was/is a shady organization without making it out to be just as bad as Hydra. You can do this and not pretend that taking in a terrorist (which, lbf, Skye was participating in activities that would have labeled her as such in the beginning) is the same as kidnapping a woman because you want to fuck her - whether she wants you or not.

And let’s never forget that the actions of Skye really matter. When Skye was taken in by SHIELD, she was confused and worried and maybe a little scared.

When she was kidnapped by Ward, she was horrified and frightened and crying.

But that’s right. Ward defenders don’t actually care about victims. They only are about the abuser.
princess-hawkeye asked
your anti-ward posts are always so on point. 10/10 great blogger would recommend.

kitsune-jade replied to your post “Steve Rogers/Sue Storm, AU where they are married.”

Jesus. I think I am in love with idea of these two together. This ficlet is <3

:) Thanks! 

They’d be so good and healthy for each other. And Franklin and Val would have a good dad, instead of a shitty one

Ugh, Reed Richards.

Anyway, I’m glad you liked. I was done with the Skye requests so I figured why not.

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Crack: Skye/Keladry of Mindelan, real: Skye/May kink negotation

You think I won’t do crack. Okay.


Twice in Skye’s life has she been saved by a woman just when she was beginning to believe that all hope was lost. 

The first time, she is six years old and the most fearsome of the Queen’s Riders shows up to take Skye away from the cruel home that Skye has spent each of her six years wanting to escape. 

"What is your name?" Melinda asks as she hoists Skye onto a horse. 

Skye wrinkles her nose and looks up at her savior. “They named me Mary. But I hate it.

"Then what would you like me to call you?" Melinda asks patiently. "I can hardly introduce you to the Queen and King as the little nameless girl." 

"I like Skye.” 

"Then Skye you shall be called," Melinda tells her effortlessly. 

Although Melinda is not a knight, she knows many of them, and by the time that Skye is ten, she is certain that the path to knighthood is one that she wishes to fulfill. 

Melinda kisses her lightly on the forehead and prays that the Goddess will be with her. It is the first time that Skye has ever seen Melinda pray, but it must do some good, because Skye remains safe during her training, despite the wars that keep plaguing Tortall. 

And on the day that the Amazing Keladry of Mindelan takes her as a squire, Skye knows that the Goddess must be keeping her blessed. Melinda is proud, but Skye is giddy. 

Her giddiness turns to something else, during those long cold nights when she becomes closer to her knight than is typical of a squire. 

"Rumor has it we are following in the footsteps of Sir Alanna and the king," she murmurs against her knight’s ear.

"Be more respectful," Kel chides, but there is warmth in her voice to match the warmth they share between their bedding.

Perhaps Kel is right. Perhaps Skye is not affording the king and Sir Alanna their due respect. Perhaps that is why the Goddess stops smiling upon Skye. 

Perhaps that is why a fellow Squire is able to betray her so easily. 

"I trusted you," she shouts at Grant, and her hands are bound, because Grant has always been better in all combat exercises. 

"Someday you’ll understand my reasons, pretty Skye," he tells her and he advances towards her. 

Skye has wanted to be a knight for a long time, but never has she wanted to kill anyone. Until this moment. 

Unfortunately, she is helpless to do so. Fortunately, she has the best knight in all the land, and before Grant Ward can take another step, Kel’s voice stops him in his tracks. 

A moment later, Kel’s sword stops him permanently. 

"You should have known I would come for you, my squire," Kel whispers as she loosens the binds on Skye’s hands. 

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Steve Rogers/Sue Storm, AU where they are married.

"We could name him James," Steve says while he massages Susan’s feet. She’s lying on the couch, feet comfortably rested on Steve’s lap while he does his husbandly duty.  

Susan smiles at him indulgently and runs her fingers over the bulge in her stomach. “We could. But we are naming him Franklin.” 

Steve pouts a little. “Maybe the next one, we can name James?” 

"What if the next one isn’t a boy?" Susan points out.

Steve shrugs. “Jamie is still a nice name. For the next one.”

"Then Franklin now, and Jamie for the next round," Susan agrees.

A room away, Johnny pretends to make gagging sounds as he looks at his hand of cards. “God, they’re so domestic.” 

"That’s what grown-ups do," Sam says dryly. "This hand stinks." 

"That’s because Barnes cheats," Ben retorts. 

"True, but this hand sucks even by his standards. I’m almost impressed," Sam says, and he waves his beer bottle in a salute in Bucky’s direction. 

"I’m scandalized by this slander against my character," Bucky says with a fake pout. "And hurt. Deeply scarred. Possibly for life." 

"Hey! We are supposed to be worried about my emotional trauma,” Johnny interrupts. He moves to steal some of Bucky’s chips and gets swatted on the hand for his efforts. “Ow.” 

"Are you over your emotional trauma about the fact that your sister married a guy you tried to fuck no less than six times?" Bucky asks curiously. 

"Sure," Johnny says with a shrug. "Well… mostly. I mean, it’s still a perfect shoulder-to-waist ratio." 

"You got problems, kid," Ben says with a deep sigh that is echoed by Bucky and Sam. 

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Z Z Z is it okay to write things in the Winter Solider Kate AUverse thing because, uh. I might have done it.

Of course it’s okay. I want to read it. 

*grabby  hands.*

(Also ftr: I have a general policy that any time I write something, it’s cool if anyone wants to expand upon it, or write sequels or prequels or whatever. Just poke me and let me know that you did so I can find it. :) ) 

becauseforoncethisisme asked
Skye is on the Helicarrier during Avengers

"I’m sorry for your loss." 

It’s not every day that Captain America shows up to have pity for you, so when Skye hears him behind her, she hastily wipes her eyes and tries to clear her throat. It feels like there’s too much stuck in there for it to work, though, and she has to try a couple of times.

When he places his hand on her shoulder, though, she can’t quite manage not to lose it. 

"I’m sorry," she manages to say, because she can acknowledge that he’s been having a pretty shitty day too. A pretty shitty past couple of months, really, and he doesn’t need her to fall completely apart on top of it all.

"You have nothing to apologize for," Captain America tells her and in that moment, Skye absolutely understands why this guy is the one that Coulson worships … worshipped so much. 

"He was the closet thing I ever had to a family," she whispers. "I can’t believe that he’s … "

"I didn’t know him well," Captain America admits. "But I do know that the families we make are just as important as the ones that we are given at birth. There’s nothing wrong with grieving  - even when it’s a soldier who makes a sacrifice. Not as long as you … allow him the dignity of his choice."

"You’re really good at this," she says, and the lump feels just as big, but she can breathe again, even though the tears have stopped. 

"It’s not my first soldier," Captain America answers. "And you know what helps, more than anything? Going after the jerk who is responsible. You up for it, Agent?" 

Skye wipes her eyes one more time and is able to meet Captain America’s gaze with mostly dry eyes. “Absolutely.” 

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If you're still doing 3-sentence fics, then literally anything with Akela/Skye? Especially Akela/Skye being amazing badass girlfriends?

Skye is not Akela’s type. Akela tells herself this as they are hunkered down behind a car that they are pretending is Captain America’s shield, but has enough bullet holes in it to be more aptly compared to Swiss cheese. Skye is gentle, soft, and bubbly; Skye still laughs with the kind of ease that Akela hasn’t known since the day she opened her eyes to see writing there. 

Skye isn’t her type, Akela reminds herself as she watches Skye refuse to lose hope even in the middle of their dreadful situation.  But, she admits begrudgingly, Skye is brave.


Akela is not Skye’s type, Skye tells herself when the evil robots show up. In Skye’s day dreams, it was Prince Phillip who came to save her, and later, Ariel. But her heroes and heroines were the stuff of Disney fairy tales, bubbly and in love with people. Disney could never dream of making someone like Akela; their warriors require soft edges for all the world to see and Akela is more guarded than May on her most frustrating days. 

Akela is not Skye’s type, Skye reminds herself as Akela wipes a bit of sweat from her brow and tells Skye over her shoulder, “Not bad shooting, for a rookie.” But, Skye admits, she has a devastating smile.


As they wait for the others to return from the mission, Akela and Skye are certain that they are not each other’s types. But Akela’s fingers are soft as she bandages Skye’s wound, and Skye’s resolve does not crumble when she sees the extent of Akela’s injury. 

Between Akela’s gentle fingers and Skye’s determination, they find enough common ground to kiss. It’s an uncertain kiss, and the taste of the ground that they both kissed during the battle can distinctly be tasted on their lips. 

But, they agree, it is a kiss worth repeating. 

lady-alternate replied to your post “I should really read people’s bios before I respond to them.  I just…”

Oops. But we can dream that in a few years time he’ll have a revelation and realise how awful he was as a teen and that he will start to make a difference in his… Nope, can’t keep up the positive delusion. I need coffee.

His two biggest heroes are Tony Stark and BBC Sherlock.

The chances of him growing up to be a good and decent man, who treats others well and with consideration …. are zero to none tbh.