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after dinner doodles, urgh, i have forgotten how to portrait


I Know That I’m A Mess… by ~Aurora-Lynne

I think it needs a little Korra in the middle to complete things, but this will do for now. And the art is gorgeous.
Same’s true of the Black Widow. Scarlett Johanssen looked great in that outfit, but she seemed to be there only as eye candy. The shot in the middle of the battle where she pulls out a pistol was silly. I don’t know who this Black Widow was, and I don’t think the screenwriter did either. She wasn’t the original comic Black Widow, the Russian femme fatale who seduces Hawkeye into trying to kill Iron Man. She wasn’t the later comic book Black Widow, who dons a costume, comes over to the good guys, and teams with first Hawkeye and then Daredevil. She was just… there.

George R. R. Martin, on reviewing the Avengers. [SOURCE]

Okay, George, I do totally agree with your earlier assessment of Hawkeye. I’ll give you that he didn’t have enough screentime to get proper development. But no. I can’t even let you finish, there will be no finishing of the Kanye West meme here. WERE WE WATCHING THE SAME FILM?

I don’t want to automatically fall back on the “you think she’s just eye candy, because you’re a male” argument, because that’s unfair. Fuck, you write some really damned decent females yourself (all things considered). But honestly? No. No, we were not watching the same film.

“JUST THERE?” Uh, did you not see any of her development at all, or were you just waiting for the men to come in and steal the show? This is the same character who is the only one to get decent information when everyone else is too busy arguing over stupid personal bullshit. This is the same character who has a conversation with Loki and doesn’t lose her cool. This is the same character jumping onto alien warcraft and beating these assholes at their own game. This is the same character saving the motherfucking day by racing off to beat Loki while all the boys are too busy playing house with the alien army.

Don’t tell me she was just there. That she was just eye candy. She was one of the most important motherfucking characters in the entire film, and it saddens me when reviews degrade Johansson’s performance simply because she isn’t one of the guys. And why do all of these reviews seem to come from long time comics fans, 90% of the time all male? You do realize that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a canon into itself and doesn’t actually follow the comics the way you’re claiming it should? That characters were changed and updated to fit with current audiences and currently relevant plots? Laying this all on Black Widow’s origins not adding up right is just plain silly at this point in the MCU game. (A game you don’t seem to be playing well, G.R.R.M.)

Flawless bitch carried that goddamn film. Period.

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Anyone who thinks Black Widow was just eye candy in this goddamn film is showing their own issues with women. There is no other way to explain how you come away from this film thinking she was just there. But hey, keep trying to lessen her contributions, because lol, that’s awesome. Or something.

Also, she isn’t and doesn’t have to be the comic version of Black Widow - whom, I see, is entirely defined in your head as being all about the cock. LOL, nah.

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Korra & Asami | The Aftermath

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- Dessert, eh? Show, I see what you did there.

- SAINT WALKER and your bro planet, I love you.

- oh, okay, ship. I’m there with you. Aya/Razer, welcome to being one of the few canon ships I actively ship.

- Saint Walker and bro planet, that was badass.

-Oh, snap, Hal Jordan, that looked like it hurt.

- “He may not have the strength, but does he have the will,” is pure fucking cheese and I unabashedly love it. If you didn’t, you have no fucking business watching a cartoon based on comics, so fuck you.

- Hal, honey, I’m pretty sure the war already BEGAN.

-Again with the inappropriate dessert, and this time with a wink. Show. I approve.

So, basically? I don’t post as much about GLTAS because after I watch it, I generally just feel ~satisfied.~ And general satisfaction doesn’t get as much commentary as other things, because ya know, squeaky wheel, grease, etc.

But this ep was pretty goddamn flawless and I will FIGHT you if you think otherwise. (not really. But I will think you have shit for taste.)

Mostly good, some complaints today.

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Justice League 7

Diana cannot believe she has to put up with these jokers.

Poor Diana and Poor Barry. Steve Trevor is pretty much just generic dude in this series, but whatever, Barry and Diana can invite him for their threesome, I guess.


JLA Classified v1 #49

Apparently, tonight I am in a Linda Park mood.


Can you draw Damian Wayne, Lian Harper, and Irey West all patrolling with each other?
I had way too much fun with Lian ngl

I greatly prefer the DCnU. But there are somethings I miss.




Moffat/ crew and BBC Sherlock fandom would probably be the type to learn necromancy so they could raise ACD from the dead just so they could tell him about this abomination of a show called Elementary.

And ACD grows wings and…

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If Captain Marvel also got her own pair of Reebok Marvel Superhero shoes. (Which she should because she’s AWESOME)

*O* These look even better than the Captain America pair.

I would wear the shit out of those shoes.

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By Jim Salvati

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