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"Your communication was certainly thorough."

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Alright I altered the holsters and the belt and I’m MUCH MUCH more happy with it now :) I think I’m officially done with this costume lol. Here’s a couple pics of everything put together after the alterations. These are cell phone pics. The first one is without a flash and the second one with a flash. I just wanted to see how it’d look in photos.

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dick with brown eyes and romani features (◡‿◡✿)

jason with red hair and freckles (◠‿◠✿)

tim with dark gray, almost black eyes (◕‿◕✿)

damian with asian/arabian features from talia’s side \(◕ ∇ ◕✿)/ 

diversity amongst the batboys instead of making them the same black haired/blue eyed white boys with different hair  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧\(⊙‿⊙✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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"What was that about?
"I was told you were feeling lonely. I wanted to assure you that you are never alone."

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I felt inspired

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Bat family Flying

One ticket to hell please!

I apologize if anyone still think this is too soon.

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(760): I just got out of prison. Wanna start a band? 


(760): I just got out of prison. Wanna start a band? 

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Red Hood and the Outlaws #31
↳ "Pretty sweet, Roy. Pretty sweet."

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That’s my story and I’m sticking to it

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I rest my case against those who claim that Starfire is only for sexual exploitation and to look sexy.

Jason’s “Oh, hell.” And Roy’s just all “this is going to be amazing.” Best DC Ot3 tbh.

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Man how do I chose? Um Jason/Roy/Kori. Or Steve/Peggy. Whichever you feel like! - fashionmistake

Someone else asked Steve/Peggy, so I’ll do Jason/Roy/Kori

  • shops for groceries: Roy. He really, really doesn’t want to send Jason or Kori into a grocery store. Neither of them have the patience for long lines, to be honest. 
  • kills the spiders: Kori. And she is disappointed when they are small and not hairy. “On my planet, we didn’t have such uninteresting crawling creatures.” 
  • comes home drunk at 3am: None of them really? Their version of getting drunk is punching people until they cant’ stand up from the return punches anymore, coming home, and crawling into bed with each other. 
  • makes breakfast: Also Roy. There was that one time that Jason made breakfast for them when Roy was hurt pretty badly, but don’t ask him about it. He’ll deny it. Roy does most of the typical “domestic” shit, which Jason will never stop pointing out once that Lian is part of their lives. “Well, you liked being the dad anyway.”
  • remembers to feed the fish: Jason, actually. He always wanted a pet, though he will deny it. The first time that Bruce took him to an aquarium as a small thing, Jason was pretty impressed and he would have asked for a fish (because Bruce HAD a dog and asking for a cat seemed like too much, but maybe a fish would be okay?), but asking for stuff didn’t come easy back then. Part of being part of this relationship is learning to ask for things that make him happy, and that is why he got the goddamn fish. 
  • decorates the apartment: Roy. Kori and Jason offer suggestions. Well, Jason does, and Kori just moves the couch when she doesn’t like it. 
  • initiates duets: Roy. Sometimes they join him, sometimes they don’t. 
  • falls asleep first: Kori. 


When I played scribblenauts unmasked literally all I did was piggyback Jason Todd and shoot a bow and arrow at things and I got pretty far

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If we could start again, would that have changed the end? [x] [x]

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