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I am forever amused that some of your biggest kinks are my biggest squicks, and we don't ship the same ships yet we get along well and have interesting conversations and why can't all of fandom be like this? It would be so much less stressful!
zarabithia zarabithia Said:

I don’t know but I blame it on you being a rational human being. :)

Also we are bound together by hatred of similar things so that helps.



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I'm trying to write a pairing that has nothing to do with Steve Rogers and he's still trying to worm his way into the story. I'm blaming this on you.
zarabithia zarabithia Said:

But in actuality, he does that to me, too.

I’ve written Hawkeye Squared stories that factually did not need to reference him at all

And boom! There he is. 

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Where would you put Coulson in the hogwarts houses?
zarabithia zarabithia Said:


Coulson is a muggle and does not get to go to Hogwarts.






John Stewart every time. Every time.

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date a boy with nice cheek bones

date a boy who has a good taste in clothes

date a boy with a great laugh

date a boy who’s hoodie you can borrow

date a boy with fantastic collarbones

date a boy who smiles constantly

date a boy with arms like damn


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Just in case anyone needed some “Sharon Carter being a badass” on their dash…

Secret Avengers, vol. 1, no. 18
Warren Ellis, David Aja, Raul Allen, Dave Lanphear

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I detest the masculine point of view. I am bored by his heroism, virtue, and honour. I think the best these men can do is not talk about themselves anymore.
Virginia Woolf, The Pargiters: The Novel-Essay Portion of THE YEARS (via fagcity)

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ppl seem to think that if u didnt know that u were trans as a kid ur just Fakin It and it’s like buddy when i was a little kid i thought i was a goddamn pterodactyl i didnt have time to ponder gender

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i guess howard couldn’t have predicted how hard the 2008 economic crysis would hit hydra

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Agents of SHIELD commentary: Elizabeth Henstridge on “FZZT”.

oh, I like you.

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[being offended on behalf of characters i don’t even like because they get compared to grant ward intensifies]

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