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I almost missed the DC Scribblenauts contest deadline that dA is putting on.

Neptune’s beard!

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There are so many offensive things in this comment, I don’t even know where to start.


M’gann has always been inconsiderate towards Kaldur. Remember when she left him in the desert when he was literally dying from dehydration to go save Superboy, who at the time was a raging jackass and would have been fine for quite some time without her interference?

And several episodes later he…

Hey, look, the misogynist plot on YJ brings all the vile, sexist creeps in fandom to the yard.

M’gann left Kaldur in the hands of THREE COMPETENT HEROES, who, if they couldn’t manage to save Kaldur while she saved their other teammate from getting tortured, then they have no right to call themselves heroes because they suck at it.

So she should have what, let Superboy get tortured because her teammates are incompetent morons? None of them could have rescued Kon.

Your second point was something Kaldur choose to do. That you think it has anything to do with how ~unfairly~ M’gann treats Kaldur says a whole lot about you, and none of it is positive.

The [insert spoilers here] plot for what M’gann has done is pretty terrible, but she was working on the information of Kaldur that Dick trusted his team with because he is a terrible leader. She believed that Kaldur had a.) Killed Artemis b.) Was Willingly Working for the Enemy

When Wally told Dick that Kaldur was probably a triple agent, did you cry about how Wally is a big meanie pants and has always been mean to Kaldur? Did you make random crap and ignore facts to support that hypothesis? No, I bet you didn’t.

My heart goes out to Kaldur, because he was fighting the good fight, but if the information that M’gann had had on him at the time? If it had been true, he would have deserved what he got.

But it wasn’t true, and M’gann didn’t know that about her own teammate. If you don’t want to blame the goddamn moronic men who came up with this plotline, you know who you might want to think about blaming?

a.) Conner for being a spineless asshole who only thought of himself and didn’t tell other people what M’gann’s been up to.


b.) Dick for being a lousy leader and thinking it is okay to let his team think Kaldur killed Artemis.


You could choose option c.) keep spewing sexist bullshit.

But that makes you an asshole. Just so you know.

Green Lantern: TAS is a different experience, rewatching it while knowing what happens later.

Dear Ray Palmer: I hope you meet Hank Pym soon. I think he needs to save your ass. You are doing a pretty bad job of saving yourself.

Yeah, M’gann/Artemis is a more interesting ship than Spitfire.

Aw, Conner. You are kind of adorable.

You’ve only been in charge a year, huh, Nightwing? Hmm. Whatever, I miss Kaldur.


Shut up, Lagoon Boy.

Hey, we are in the water. Can we have more Kaldur, please?

Christ, I hate this M’gann storyline. I hate it so fucking much. Nothing but hate.

Okay, “let’s endanger everyone because I am a jealous twit.” Awesome plan, Lagoon Boy.

So, M’gann is tampering with people’s minds and Artemis is “rusty.” NICE ,show. I can’t wait for Legend of Korra to wipe this shitty taste out of my mouth.

HI, KALDUR. Still sucks that you’re evil.

Kaldur, Kaldur, Kaldur.

Okay, Kaldur’s tricks with water are pretty epic, let’s be honest.

Of course, the mission succeeded, because THE VILLAINS ALWAYS WIN ON THIS FUCKING SHOW.

Show. Did you just.




Okay. Okay, I am pacified. KALDUR. KALDUR MY BABY. I KNEW YOU WEREN’T EVIL. And shipping Nightwing/Kaldur like whoa.

On to Korra.




Just a picture of Aqualad and Aquaman decorating the traditional Atlantean Seaweed tree.

2ed part of the 7 part Young Justice Christmas series, the 3rd will be posted tomorrow.

LOL, well. While I generally think that Aqualad, M’gann and Conner should think Christmas is all around silly, this is adorable.

See Aqualad and Conner I can see not doing Christmas but M’gann is so into earth culture I think she’d be super into the Christmas. With the baking, and gift giving and dressing up- she’d probably even over doing it.

Oh, I think she’d definitely be baking a lot of cookies. (I wonder if she’d be better or worse at making the all important Christmas fudge. Fudge is kind of hard to mess up.)

Top five Young Justice characters (and I judge so hard people who say Steph wasn't a real Robin; she was the Girl Wonder. Both she and Jason deserve better treatment, especially from the other characters; THEY ARE NOT REPLACEMENTS, they are AWESOME ROBINS)
zarabithia zarabithia Said:

I judge them too. I mean, I prefer Steph as Spoiler and Batgirl, but that’s mostly because her creative teams were better and far more competent.

1. KALDUR. I think I have squeed a lot about this character. Because he is my favorite. It’s rare that the animated universes give a new character that feels like they fit so perfectly, but this one absolutely does. I love him so much, I don’t even have words. I love his strength, I adore his kindness, and I flail over his dedication to his team.

2. M’gann. People who hate M’gann are not human beings worth my time. And her catchphrase isn’t a damn bit more stupid than “whelmed” (gosh, which one did fandom embrace?) And there’s nothing wrong with female characters making cookies, get over yourself,  fandom.

3. Black Canary: I love all Canary, all the time, but I really love that this one is in charge of training the team for physical battle.  NOT Batman. Not Wildcat. It makes me very happy. I also love that she was in charge of the therapy session.

4. Robin: I love his update! I gushed about that in a previous Top Five, but I adore him.

5.  Red Arrow: I love all his little angry outbursts and his friendship with Kaldur is perfect. 

Conner/Kaldur/Megan, their lover's insecurity never ceases to surprise Conner and Megan (how can someone so perfect feel so unworthy?).
zarabithia zarabithia Said:

Kaldur is rarely unsure of himself, but it does happen sometimes - especially when he has spent any prolonged time in Atlantis (Robin blames “the whole Black Manta thing,” and there might be something to that theory, but neither Kaldur nor his lovers discuss it.)

Conner would like very much to go to Atlantis (“I can’t drown!”) and punch everyone who might be responsible, until he finds the person who actually is.

But ultimately, Conner yields to M’gann’s wisdom, which means that the three of them spend the day curled up on the couch watching The Little Mermaid (until their own brands of Ursulas interrupt with their supervillain plots) and providing physical reminders of how wanted Kaldur is during the many musical numbers.

Awwwwww, poor Captain Marvel.

"You are so making this up to me later." LOL, show, I approve when you are completely inappropriate.

Ahaha, Mal’s Superboy costume. :) Conner’s reaction is pretty much the same as mine to the 90s outfit.  So bad.


Also, I love that Roy gets invited to the adult (and Robin) secret meeting. I love more that Kaldur, Robin and Wally are OBVIOUSLy in the clear with Roy.

Hi, there, Secret!

AHAHA, Zatanna switching her shoes in the middle of her running sequence. Awesome.

"Harm doesn’t battle his demons. Harm embraces them." LOLOLOL, that’s a little too much cheese, show.

Harm is a little too much cheese, to be frank. The whole “referring to self in 3rd self” really only works for Doom.

I approve of M’gann, Conner and Wally’s prank. Sucks to be you, Marvin.

Okay, the “Secret” thing is annoying me now.

Ha, Artemis’ comeback. Saving that one up, were you, Artie?

To be honest, I didn’t like this one. Greta didn’t live up to the considerable awesome she was in the comics (where she was allowed to have actual dialogue, pft.) And the women on this show are fantastic, so Greta not being allowed to reach her full awesome (standing still is not a superpower, show) is especially disappointing, because this show could do better. Also, Harm sucked.

tl;dr: Eh, every show has at least one turkey.


It’s wrong to ship Batman/Conner, isn’t it? Whatever. It’s not even the worst ship I have.

Kaldur … protecting Robin. Hi, ship of my heart.

Speaking of shipping, am shipping Conner with all of the New Gods. (add M’gann and Artemis for the perfect orgy?… and Kaldur.)

"Glad my teams not that close." LOLOL, oh, Conner, don’t lie.

"Lower beings tend to fear intimacy." LOL, that’s like, a large portion of YJ fandom when it comes to certain ships, isn’t it? Oh, was that mean?


Seriously, I did not expect Dick to steal my heart. OH, baby. *so many hugs.* Kaldur’s still my favorite, but I love you too.

"Kill the boy and his little dog too." LOLOL. I love you, show.


tl;dr: everyone on this ep needed a hug, except for Wally, who was just annoying.

~ John Stewart got to TALK! :) Hi, there, my favorite GL.
~ Iris West-Allen. :)
~ Barry’s little touch on Iris’ shoulder before he ran away and her “Thanks … Flash.”
~ No lie I ship Iris West-Allen/Cat Grant a little.
~ OH, Aqualad. “The human race must know that there are still heroes defending them. There is still hope.” I love you the most.
~”Then we start taking back what is ours.” :) :)
~ Oh, Kon, good boy.
~ OH, KALDUR. *sobs* I know this is going to be a big reset at the end, but :(
~ Wally’s grief is not really something I’m buying. It’s a little too HULK SMASH for me. I don’t know. Way over the top.

So I had other thoughts about how the team cared more about Wolf than Aqualad’s death, but then J’onn explained the lack of grief. It still pissed me off, though. I am still mostly convinced that the only people who care about him are Aquaman and Roy.

Bitter, party of one.

… It still makes me want to write some Robin/Kaldur, though. MAYBE I WILL AND PRETEND THAT I DIDN’T SPEND 10 MINUTES YELLING AT THE WHOLE TEAM.

Also… uh. Justice League, a mental Kobayashi Maru? Douches.

Also, I am not even checking the YJ tag on tumblr for a while, because I just know there’s a lot of awful bashing on M’gann in this episode for bullshit reasons. :|

tl;dr: Kaldur is still my favorite and supermartian should just include artemis in a big ole threesome.

So you saw the latest Young Justice, right? Remember Artemis's latest innuendo? I realized something. I think Arty was sexually active before the Team, and I kinda like the way it's being implied. She acts like someone who knows that she's hot and enjoys doing it with hot guys. There's no implication that it damaged her or that she's lesser for it. What do you think?
zarabithia zarabithia Said:

The “I feel like I’m naked and not in the fun way,” or whatever it was?

Yeah, I think that’s awesome.

I also liked that M’gann seems comfortable with herself and with being intimate with Superboy. There are many comic book examples where I am not sure that both parties are happy with their activities (Kori is NOT an example of this, but there are others.) Likewise, my girlfriend has a great love of romance novels, where the no-means-yes-have-this-sexy-rape-that-we-won’t-call-rape scenes are high.

And I actually think that, despite their heteronormative outlook on life, romance novels serve as an essential introduction to sexuality for young women. So I don’t think they’re all terrible, but some of the lessons taught in them are pretty bad.

tl;dr: younger female humans need healthy examples of older female humans being comfortable and secure with consensual sexual activity, and this show does an awesome job.




My sister (theflyingbanananut) and I watched the most recent episode of Young Justice and were severely pissed off. Everyone was angry at Kaldur (my fave character) and he was like, “I almost died twice and no one cared and I was just doing the right thing but it’s okay you can hate me I’ll just go back home to Atlantis to the people who care about me” and Captain Marvel was useless, but oddly adorable. And the brain was creepy.

But we felt that the team should have made Kaldur a cake or something. So we made rice crispies and decorated it with fish and stuff. The icing reads “My fave fish guy” but I wasn’t very good with writing it. I did all of the blue frosting and my sister had all the orange frosting btw.

I’m just going to hope that Kaldur gets the apologies he deserves.

Kaldur totally needs a cake.

Maybe Roy will make him one.

Since Roy is the only one who likes him.


The saying is totally Wally’s idea, but the cake was Megan’s.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I love that idea.