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Living My Life As If I Had Powers | Fanmix for James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes - Iron Man / War Machine / Iron Patriot


  1. A Change is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke
  2. Immortal - Kid Cudi
  3. War Machine - Mecha Hell
  4. Fly - Nicki Minaj feat. Rihanna
  5. Hold On, I’m Coming - Sam and Dave
  6. Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons
  7. Fire on the Moon - The Bellrays
  8. Let it Be - Labrinth
  9. Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder
  10. I Was Here - Beyoncé
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"What the hell?! Why does he do that?”
"Because that’s his super-power. The Creep Soldier.”

(from this AU)

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Where my headcanons at?


Okay a ranting letter to the MCU fandom cause this snaps has been on my mind for the last few days and I needed to get my writing fingers working anyway so

Okay so we all know there’s a headcanon going ‘round that Steve brings the Avengers up to Sam’s place in AOU and Sam just sighs and kinda adopts them all.  And truthfully, I do find this headcanon to be kinda cute because I love team dynamics and team building and teams-becoming-families in my media.  It’s a weakness, but what I don’t find cute (and this is because fandom just sours everything I s2g) is that this headcanon combined with all the other “headcanons” about Sam Wilson place him solely in the “caretaker/babysitter” role where he’s secondary to the rest of the characters (namely the white ones oh yea I went there pullin the race card fandom).  Sam isn’t a part of these headcanons, so much as a tool for cutie Avengers times where they crash at someone’s house for the night cause lol Avengers babies.  

It reminds me of this one super cute fanart of Nick Fury waking up the Avengers by flatbear and the fanart is suuuuuuper cute, but I kinda want some cute ass fanart of the Avengers treating Nick Fury once too ya know?  If he’s the “dad” or “uncle” in so many of these cute family’venger headcanons, shouldn’t we also get some of that too?  Given fandoms (at best) willing ignorance of other characters of color like Rhodey or (at worst) outright refusal to acknowledge him in any capacity unless it’s to bash him for being ~mean to Tony, and fandom’s rather unflattering paint brush that smothers Nick Fury as the mean gray bad guy in fics, the scary dad, or scary caretaker, and now even Sam is suffering from this very narrow fandom vision of yet again being a major (one of the few) characters of color in MCU to be reduced to - at best - a caretaker for the white characters or - at worst - an evil black man (never forgiving fandom for that Sam is a HYDRA agent bullshit). 

It’s bothersome - at best - and outright infuriatingly racist - at worst - and it keeps happening.  

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  • MCU: former Soviet assassin, current non-soviet assassin
  • Fans: loyal member of the avengers
  • MCU: alien entity seeking to conquer earth, rule humanity, and enslave or kill anyone who doesn't bow to him
  • Fans: Misunderstood puppydog! He had a REALLY tough childhood you don't even know
  • MCU: Steve's lifelong best friend, now a cyborg super-assassin who's spend 50 years undergoing deep conditioning to hate and destroy everything the avengers stand for
  • Fans: well, a good old-fashioned dose of vitamin Steve and a trip to the Steve museum cleared that right up!! Now he and Steve are friends again and Tony forgave him for killing his parents and they all play games together in avengers tower
  • MCU: Tony's lifelong best friend, who's there for him through thick and thin, who calls him on his selfish behavior and has risked his life to fight alongside Tony on multiple occasions
  • Fans: wow, he's kind of a shitty friend, isn't he?
  • MCU: A former superhero who quit the life because too many people were getting hurt, and picked it back up for the same reason. In the meantime, he still wanted to help people, so he volunteered at the veterans' hospital. He is shown as perhaps the one person in the film Steve can genuinely trust
  • Fans: well, he's OBVIOUSLY a secret villain, working as a double agent for the nazis even though he apparently singlehandedly constitutes 25% of the MCU's black population
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Cute drunken Rhodey (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ・。*。✧

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#no but see  #that’s the thing about telling someone your own story  #you don’t see yourself as the hero  #you see the people you love and admire as the heroes  #Rhodey and Pepper are Tony’s heroes 


I’m sure he does.

But alternately, Tony Stark is just useless and the actual heroes of the story are Pepper and Rhodey.

And this post just kind of shits all over Rhodey and Pepper and makes their heroics to be figments of Tony’s imagination.

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(Inspired by this set; the a/u where Tony dies at the hands of the Mandarin.) 

Rhodey finds her in the kitchen, with a plate of gluten free waffles on the counter in front of her. He’s not surprised; the mission in Sacramento must have used up a lot of energy.

"Don’t just stand there lusting after my plate," Pepper chides him, and the smile these days almost doesn’t look haunted anymore. "Come  in and make yourself something to eat."

Rhodey does, and he wonders if he’ll ever get to used to the quiet of the kitchen. Before … before the Mandarin, he’d been getting used Pepper and Tony sharing a kitchen. That house had been full of noise, full of robots and JARVIS and Tony’s constant chatter. 

But this is a different house, and the counter where he makes his sandwich is purposefully smaller. Not out of necessity, because Pepper is still CEO, but out of preference, because she is not a Stark.

 And she’ll never be one now is not a thought that Rhodey wanted, but it it is one that comes to him as he puts the mustard back into the refrigerator. 

"Light lunch," Pepper notes as he sits down. She spears a forkful of waffle and waits for an explanation. Lately they’re enough of a team that she is going to notice something as simple as the height of his sandwich being off. 

It’s a Pepper trait, enhanced by recent events. 

"I had steak in Toronto," he tells her. "With an old friend." 

"Did he invite Captain America along, too?" Pepper asks and the hesitation is there. She’s not actually met Captain America before; all she has is old stories from Tony, history books, and news footage. 

But Captain America is - was - part of the Avengers Initiative. He’s forever linked with the part of Tony’s life that made the man Rhodey and Pepper both loved miserable. 

It’s not Captain America’s fault. It’s not the Avengers’ fault. But it is what they both think of when they think of the participants in the Battle of New York. 

"He did. The two of them … they’re partners these days." Rhodey shakes his head. "Not surprised really. Wilson always aimed a little higher than others. That he couldn’t let the wings go and ended up being a goddamn superhero isn’t a surprise." 

"So says War Machine," Pepper teases. 

"I do what I always do: clean up messes. Iron Woman, she’s a hero." 

"Iron Woman cleans up messes too. I’m pretty sure that’s in the superhero job description." She takes her time scooping up the last bit of maple syrup with the edge of her fork and Rhodey watches her, still unsure how to bring up Wilson and Rogers’ request. 

But she takes care of that. “Tell me what you’re stalling about, Jim.” 

"They need our help. Both of them - Falcon and Captain America," he explains. 

And help is something Rhodey and Pepper both offer. They offer it constantly, hoping it will sooth the hurt, even though they both know that it won’t. They help because it’s an extension of the jobs they both originally picked, only in roles they never dare imagined. 

But they don’t team up with Avengers, because that is the kind of pain that picks at a wound that still hasn’t scabbed over.

"It must be important, if you’re wanting to play superhero team-up with an Avenger," Pepper says, and she almost sounds angry. 

He’d love to hear her sound angry again. It’s been - 

Too long. 

"They’re searching for Rogers’ friend," Rhodey explains. 

It’s all he needs to explain, because she was there during those months he searched the desert, too. 

And maybe that is why she gives the answer she does. Maybe that is why, after she takes her plate to the sink and takes a long time rinsing it off, she straightens her back, takes a deep breath, and says, “Tell me about the friend.” 

An hour later, the two of them arrive at Captain America and Falcon’s hotel room. 

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Because they are both HEROS and ᴍᴇɴ

                                      And crossing them out is a impossibility.

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did i really just find a fucking Stony A/B/O fic where Rhodey was Tony’s Alpha and ABANDONED THEIR KID




Rhodey would be the best parent.

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30 Day Writing Challenge (Ship Edition)


Day 9: Matching Soulmate Markings (Bucky/Rhodey) [cw: food, blood, burns, scars]

Rhodey had given up on finding his soul-mate by the time of his thirty-fifth birthday.

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if you’re excited as fuck for rhodey being in avengers 2 clap your hands




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One of the tags from my reblog is “I wanna kiss his pretty neck” and yep.



One of the tags from my reblog is “I wanna kiss his pretty neck” and yep.

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A request for the trope meme asked for: Carol/Rhodey, 616, wing fic.

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Rhodey (possibly) canon



The one thing I think fanfic authors miss, is Rhodey went to MIT with Tony. His major was probably aerospace engineering, since many Air Force officer candidates major in this area. You know what another name for an aerospace engineer is? Rocket scientist.

Rhodey is a rocket scientist.

Rhodey is a rocket scientist, y’all. Treat him with the scientific respect he deserves.

Rhodey did indeed go to and graduate MIT for Aerospace Engineering in MCU canon.  that is legit.  He is a rocket scientist

tho, post MIT and probably during, his specialty became more weapons focused but no doubt he is quite knowledgeable in a lot of other related areas

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