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Rhodey would be the best parent.


Day 9: Matching Soulmate Markings (Bucky/Rhodey) [cw: food, blood, burns, scars]

Rhodey had given up on finding his soul-mate by the time of his thirty-fifth birthday.

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if you’re excited as fuck for rhodey being in avengers 2 clap your hands




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One of the tags from my reblog is “I wanna kiss his pretty neck” and yep.

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A request for the trope meme asked for: Carol/Rhodey, 616, wing fic.

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The one thing I think fanfic authors miss, is Rhodey went to MIT with Tony. His major was probably aerospace engineering, since many Air Force officer candidates major in this area. You know what another name for an aerospace engineer is? Rocket scientist.

Rhodey is a rocket scientist.

Rhodey is a rocket scientist, y’all. Treat him with the scientific respect he deserves.

Rhodey did indeed go to and graduate MIT for Aerospace Engineering in MCU canon.  that is legit.  He is a rocket scientist

tho, post MIT and probably during, his specialty became more weapons focused but no doubt he is quite knowledgeable in a lot of other related areas

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mutents asked for Rhodey x Maria, elevator fic.

Written for #endrhodeyerasure.

James sighed as he walked through the extravagant lobby of Stark Tower.

Of course he would, he thought as he pushed the elevator button to go up.  It was empty when he stepped in and selected the 100th floor.

On the 69th floor, he was joined by a tall white woman in a business suit.  One hand reached out to push the button for the 100th floor.  She put in back on her clipboard when she noticed it was already lit up, and shifted her gaze to the only other person in the elevator.

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"you have known me as war machine. now you know me as iron patriot. america is my home. as a wise man once said, our flag - thats the blood of the men who died building this country, and the stars they were looking up to. as iron patriot, i carry them where ever i go.”

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  • zarabithia: if your fic or rp prompt has Bucky being an Avenger, I am okay with that because yay bucky
  • zarabithia: But if you have that and you don't have Sam or Rhodey there
  • zarabithia: then lol, i'm going to have to question your motives in life.
  • cero: i'm going to skip straight to judging.
  • cero: you can question. i'll judge.

Cute drunken Rhodey (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ・。*。✧

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Rhodey meme ⇒ 6/6 tropes:
Colonel Badass.

-claps eagerly- RHODEY!!!!!


Give me all the fics where not only does Rhodey already know Sam, the Air Force actually brought him in on training the EXO-Falcon candidates, because who better to teach them to fly without an aircraft than the man who taught himself? After all, Tony was at home synthesizing a replacement for Paladium while Rhodey was testing out the suit; Rhodey’s skills when fighting Vanko at the Stark Expo were self made.

Give me the fics where Rhodey wears the suit to the first test flights of the Falcon pilots so he can catch any of them who lose control and start to fall.

Give me the fics where they’re on their second test flight and Riley almost starts to fall and Rhodey is ready to go catch him, but Sam steadies him instead and when they’re back on the ground Rhodey tells Riley, “Looks like you found your wingman,” and Sam can’t stop smiling.

Give me the fics where Sam is a natural in the air, takes to it faster and better than any of the other candidates. At the end of Rhodey’s time overseeing them they all go out for celebratory drinks and Rhodey buys Sam a beer and tells him he doesn’t think he could have done any better himself. Sam will always consider it the highest praise he’s ever gotten, even better than anything Steve could say, because that is Lt. Colonel James Rhodes, pilot of War Machine, and he is the pinnacle of flying achievement as far as Sam’s concerned.

Give me the fics where Rhodey meets Sam and Steve after DC and Rhodey tells him, “Nice to see you haven’t gotten rusty, Wilson.” Steve looks back and forth between them and says, “You two know each other?” Sam smiles and says “This time I owe you a drink, man. This superhero stuff is actually hard as hell, and I have no idea how you make it look so easy.”

Give me the fics where Rhodey smiles and says, “It just takes practice. And on that note, I’d like to officially talk to you about the Avengers Initiative…”

Give me the fics of Rhodey and Sam, airmen brothers-in-arms.

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'lord give me strength not to punch tony stark in the face', rhodey u deal w/ so much

This is why Pacific Rim au MCU Avengers drives me insane. Why the hell would you use Jarvis? MCU JARVIS is an AI, JARVIS could be the Jaeger itself! It’s unique OS! That would be fucking awesome!

BECAUSE this is Tony’s co-pilot! This guy. This guy right here. The only man in the MCU who knows Tony inside out and backwards and will slap him if he acts stupid and keep his silly ass alive.

I mean, I love you guys and everything, but if you put Tony in the Jaeger (he should be support, he’s invaluable in the Kaiju war and fuck his tantrums, he belongs in the Shatterdome, Stacker Pentecost/Fury would have the goddamn sense to bench him), he needs to be with someone who will keep him from getting killed, and that is Rhodey.

(If you don’t want to name the Jaeger JARVIS, it’s what? Iron Patriot? War Man? Iron Machine? IDEK! That part doesn’t matter! With JARVIS as the AI it would make Striker Eureka look like a sloth!)

He has two built in co-pilots in the canon: Pepper (Rescue, goddamn it!) and Rhodey (WarMachine, hello? Duh?!), and Pepper wouldn’t want to be a kaiju fighter, probably, unless she had no other way to contribute, or her jaeger was purely defensive (again, RESCUE, can I just- I can’t- I- ARGH).

So, RHODEY IS THE OBVIOUS CHOICE, and if you don’t pick him…. I think you are

  1. not reading the characters right
  2. reaching, really effing reaching
  3. probably just (conciously or unconciously) racist, okay?

    (And I am judging you so hard, I swear to God.)

God Bless Jim Rhodes.

This is a good post. 

(Are people writing pacific rim a/us where JARVIS is Tony’s co-pilot/ Wow, fandom really will go out of their way to erase Tony’s actual best friend. Ew.)