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becauseforoncethisisme asked: So you saw the latest Young Justice, right? Remember Artemis's latest innuendo? I realized something. I think Arty was sexually active before the Team, and I kinda like the way it's being implied. She acts like someone who knows that she's hot and enjoys doing it with hot guys. There's no implication that it damaged her or that she's lesser for it. What do you think?

The “I feel like I’m naked and not in the fun way,” or whatever it was?

Yeah, I think that’s awesome.

I also liked that M’gann seems comfortable with herself and with being intimate with Superboy. There are many comic book examples where I am not sure that both parties are happy with their activities (Kori is NOT an example of this, but there are others.) Likewise, my girlfriend has a great love of romance novels, where the no-means-yes-have-this-sexy-rape-that-we-won’t-call-rape scenes are high.

And I actually think that, despite their heteronormative outlook on life, romance novels serve as an essential introduction to sexuality for young women. So I don’t think they’re all terrible, but some of the lessons taught in them are pretty bad.

tl;dr: younger female humans need healthy examples of older female humans being comfortable and secure with consensual sexual activity, and this show does an awesome job.

16th Oct 2011 12:24pm 3 years ago 7 notes