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AGENT CARTER: Dominic Cooper to Reprise His Role of Howard Stark | Give Me My Remote

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30th Sep 2014 3:44pm 3 weeks ago 94 notes

The Age of Ultron Sdcc material was insane


- insane material, let’s start with the bad
- Bruce/Nat bein kept on teasing (Nat/Hulk holding hands in Bruce/Betty style)
- no Clintasha in sight so far

The rest was like fucking insane.
- startef with the party and everyone tryin to lift the hammer as spoilered
- Steve moved the hammer
- Nat didn’t try cause she didn’t want to know the answer-
Clint literally started the material, first sentence and he talked about the circus and was being a dick
- Clint wears lots of kajal
- Lots and lots of Clint like every second shot
- total Armageddon feeling
- Nat jumps out of the quinjet with her bike
- Ultron looks fuckin scary
- Clint fucking EVERYWHERE


Everything else I have no commentary on. 

26th Jul 2014 9:57pm 2 months ago 399 notes


this one goes out to all the heavy sleepers in the world… and all the nick furies that try to prank help them.


this one goes out to all the heavy sleepers in the world

… and all the nick furies that try to prank help them.

04th Jul 2014 3:00pm 3 months ago 12,056 notes

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06th Mar 2014 5:05pm 7 months ago 16,422 notes


I’m sorry but I think the casting call of Iris West and her father to be black is ridiculous. Mainly because they’re blending Darryl Frye and Iris’s dad into the same character, but I mean really, how can he date his foster sister? And yeah, the changing of race in an already incredibly diverse…


Wow, it’s like you have no awareness at all of how racist you sound.

06th Dec 2013 1:44pm 10 months ago 19 notes

Wait, what.


There are people who think that Thor not wanting to be king


What is wrong with you.

Did you watch the first movie or the Avengers at all?

All of Thor’s character growth has been heading towards “I have a
higher purpose than being a king.” And he damn well does.

Avengers fandom, really. What the hell is wrong with you.

09th Nov 2013 2:33pm 11 months ago 6 notes


Oh, Ted.

Actually this is my favorite.

See, fandom. You can like the same sex and not be gay.
 There are other possibilities.

David: casually dealing with bierasure.

Actually my favorite.

29th Aug 2013 11:47am 1 year ago 90 notes

comradecourt said: omg omg omg the potential for Sam/Bucky in the next movie though O I may just pee stars and stripes

The … four? of us who write it will have lots of potential, I’m sure! And lots for Sam/Steve. I hope that people are not dicks about Sam wanting to stop Winter Solider the way they were dicks about Rhodey needing to stop drunk!Tony, but I am not optimistic.

sugarfey said: The interviews I’ve seen with Anthony Mackie give me hope, he seems to really care about the character.

Anthony Mackie seems amazing, and his interviews also give me hope. So far everything he’s said about Sam seems spot on to what I want movie! Sam to be.

falconrune said: i was at sdcc and i saw the footage and he is going to KILL IT

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! This makes me so incredibly happy to hear. My love for Sam Wilson is pure and true and if he is goodness in this film then it will go a long way in helping me love this film.

gammacazador said: I heard she was seen in action in the comic con trailer, so i hope we see her kick ass.

I hope so too. I hope she gets more than just an introduction that implies a romantic interest. Because yay for romance, but Sharon is a lot more than that, no matter what the haters want to think.

26th Jul 2013 2:48pm 1 year ago 1 note


You know what? I think I’m suddenly in a calm space about Sharon in Cap 2. Like, I still feel that 99% of what natasha is doing should be Sharon’s role instead. And I still feel that putting Black Widow in an “integral” role in a dude’s movie instead of giving her her own damn movie is pretty fucking cowardly on Marvel’s behalf.

lol, meanwhile, everyone will want to see talking raccoons! But not ladies.

But. Optimism.

The actress describes it as an introduction to the character. So I feel like … okay. that calms my rage a bit.

If it’s just an introduction, then maybe the other Avengers in the movie will be handled well, and maybe for Cap 3, they can make an actual Captain America movie. Where Steve’s actual supporting cast is allowed to shine.

(and you know, maybe Natasha can have her own goddamn movie with her own goddamn name in the title.)

So as an introduction, okay. Maybe I will get a Sharon over the course of two movies, and not just one, who is as awesome as she is in the comics.

Fingers crossed.

25th Jul 2013 10:01pm 1 year ago 8 notes
"Their working relationship becomes a more intimate friendship," she said. "They have some unexpected similarities – they both have their guard up, they have trust issues, and they’ve also both been working for ‘the man’ for their entire career.

Since I have come to hate the Bucky/Natasha and Clintasha shipper war on tumblr with the power of a newborn supernova, this amuses me. Because I imagine this will piss off both of the ridiculous fans on both sides.

The one way that this movie will make me happy is if it casually ignores the gross, consent issue filled “relationship” between Bucky and Natasha and casually imply a close, “intimate” friendship between Steve and Natasha. What if Bucky and Natasha are only student and teacher and not having sex when both people aren’t able to consent? I’d be 6000000 times happier.

Since we’re not getting the movie I wanted, this will go a long way in making me happy. Do this, instead, movie, and I will almost forgive you for not being JUST LIKE THE COMICS.

22nd Jul 2013 2:22am 1 year ago 2 notes
prodigalgeek said: Uhura was magnificent in that scene, and those “continuity nerds” need to be aware that Nichelle Nichols would have wanted a similar scene. But elsewhere, Uhura was unnecessarily whiny and needy about her relationship problems. It was jarring.

The way Jim and Spock were unnecessarily whiny and needy about their relationship problems? Because that made up 92% of the film. Jim and Spock, whining about their feelings and how the other one couldn’t figure them out. Which was … exactly what Uhura was “whining” about, so no, I didn’t find it jarring. I found it fitting with the overall theme of the film, which was “relationships are hard,” be they romantic, familial, or platonic relationships.

Uhura’s relationship problems fit into the movie just as much as Spock and Jim’s did, and just as much as Jim’s ongoing daddy issues did. Spock was whining at her about their relationship just as much as she was “whining” about it, so I fail to see why, even if it didn’t fit the film perfectly, that we would point fingers at Uhura.

In the same scene where Uhura is “whining,” Jim is crying to Spock, too. After at least three scenes of Jim actually whining about how Spock had stabbed him in the back. Funny, nobody is calling that “whining,” are we? No, of course not, because male characters are allowed to have emotions, and they are allowed to cry about their relationships and nobody ever thinks it is jarring or “whining.” And nobody, nobody at all, is calling Jim needy when he is the neediest character in this franchise.

Spock was the man in charge of the ship and Scotty was the chief engineer, and they both took time to sit there and have a manpain session when the Enterprise needed them the most, but their grief and emotional distress is somehow superior and professional? Nah.

Also, Fake White Khan spent a whole scene whining about his familiy, which is just as much of a relationship issue as Uhura’s was.

The entire movie is everyone “whining” about their relationships. Uhura’s was no less valid than anyone else’s.

Scotty stood there and whined at Keenser to quit after he did, why doesn’t that make Scotty whining and needy? Especially since he ran away and got drunk so he could whine more about his needy issues?

Because “needy” is a pretty gender-specific complaint that only ever gets thrown at women, be they fictional or real. It’s as valid as calling a female character a Mary Sue, at this point, which means pretty much never.

I imagine it was “jarring” because she was both a competent and kickass solider and a woman who was capable of having the romantic relationship that she wanted, even though it took negotiation to get there. It was likely “jarring” because films constantly refuse to give us this, because when they actually try to give us a “strong female character,” they incorrectly cater to the crowd who think women in realistic romantic relationships is somehow weakening them.

Also, Uhura is a WOC in a relationship with a white (alien) dude. When people of different races are in a relationship, sometimes there are major cultural hurdles to get over. My girlfriend and I have this sometimes, because our life experiences and expectations are not the same in ways that have nothing to do with her growing up in Portland and me growing up in Ohio. We hash those things out, and the film was doing the Star Trek/sci-fi version of acknowledging those issue with Uhura and Spock wrapped up in the alien vs human theme, and I actually found that to be pretty clever.

22nd May 2013 12:59pm 1 year ago 85 notes

Good Trek Things: The Women Version

Yeah, the film had some issues with gender, but that’s a separate post. For now, the things that made me happy:

  • Uhura was magnificient. The continuity nerds are flipping their shit because she knows Klingon, but mostly I am loling, because the idea that she didn’t know Klingon in the TOS version was always pretty fucking stupid. We are shown a woman who is brilliant, speaks flawless Klingon, but is modest enough to call it “rusty.” We are shown a woman who has compassion, but the strength to go out unarmed to people who are probably going to kill her, in order to save her teammates. Was she afraid? Yes, just like the men in the movie were allowed to be (and if you are claiming that you would not be afraid when you are walking out into a crowd of warriors who want your head, then you are lying or you are a fucking Green Lantern and in that case, you are lost and should get back to your proper universe immediately.) She was very human, very brave, very great. She was an incredibly three-dimensional character and I adored her.

  • I also liked that her relationship with Spock had rough patches, but it was ultimately resolved and they are still together, because adults fuck up relationships sometimes, but sometimes they are able to fix them.

  • I also liked that Jim referred to their relationship as Spock as her boyfriend, not the other way around. Maybe you should listen to the Captain, fandom.

  • Speaking of, I really enjoyed the growth of her friendship with Jim from the last movie.

  • I really liked that there was a decent amount of diversity in the extras. There were a lot of women of different races and MOC. The earth crew members actually looked like they might represent the entirety of the planet, and not just the white, male portions.

  • Speaking of extras! I really liked that the female navigator who replaces Chekov added some body shape diversity. She was not the traditional Hollywood standard of size, and I liked that a lot. Totally requesting her story for next year’s Rarewomen fest.

-Carol was very different in this film than the Carol Marcus I was used to, but I am pleased that she joined the crew. A+

22nd May 2013 3:22am 1 year ago 14 notes

The things I didn’t like about Trek:

I squeed for two posts. Time to complain:

  • IDK about the whole scene with Carol when she was changing and talking about Christine. The underwear was completely stupid and so was the conversation.

  • I did like that Christine Chapel is apparently keeping both the history of being a researcher (she knows Carol, after all) as well as a nurse. Both of these things are excellent. I’m glad they didn’t degrade the entire field of nursing by caving into the feminists with internal misogyny issues who think women being doctors is somehow superior to them being nurses, because fuck that noise and fuck anyone who thinks that, because you don’t know what being a nurse even involves.

  • As for the other bit about Christine … I didn’t actually take the scene with Jim as a “OMG, Christine was so traumatized by your dick that she ran away,” so much as a “here’s an update on someone you don’t remember at all which proves that you are shit with women.” Though I get why people have a different intepretation, at least I am given an option to believe that she didn’t change careers entirely for some dude - an option that TOS failed to give with Roger Korby and Christine’s relationship.

  • There was pretty much nothing good about BC’s character. His performance was entirely one note, he had the same “emotion” through the whole movie, and the movie’s decision to keep panning to his face all dramatically … really needed a better actor.

  • So in the end, all of the “he’s the best actor for the role! It’s not about race” is pretty loltastic, because wow, if that’s the best actor for the role, the movie industry needs to DIE.

  • I’m laughing at your superior acting skills, Khan. And your terrible crying skills.

  • I feel like there was a lot of casual slut-shaming in the film, re: Jim’s exploits. Not that the characters were doing, but that the script was doing. Hey, actually, you can have casual sex and respect the person you’re fucking. Hey, you can even remember them and not lump them all together!

  • I don’t actually use the Bechdel test to judge movies by, but there were a lot of women who were in this movie and I don’t think that any of them ever actually spoke to each other. It would have been nice if they had.

22nd May 2013 2:24am 1 year ago 6 notes

Good things about the film, part II:

  • Everyone just really settled into themselves in this movie. I didn’t buy Quinto’s Spock at all in the last movie, but he really sold me here.

  • I loved every single time someone cried in this movie.

  • Whatever, I totally loved the big Wrath of Khan homage. Cried like a baby. Loved it. Will continue to love it.

  • Scotty’s characterization and his conflict with Kirk was just so well done. He wasn’t just the comic relief this time around, even though he had funny lines. He was exactly who Scotty should be.

  • Sulu is incredibly badass. I want all the adventures of Sulu.

  • I liked that there were random aliens all around. Because you know, it actually looked like there was maybe a Federation of Planets or some such shit.

  • I actually liked Admiral Marcus as a villain a lot. He was evil, nonsympathetic, and a complete asshole. I generally feel that Fake White Khan was a failure and the weakspot would have been better, had Admiral Marcus just been the film’s villain.

  • They made Jim into the Jim he was always meant to be. Jim is my favorite character in the TOS franchise, so I needed REboot Jim to be great and he was! I bought the friendship between him and Spock, I bought his character growth, I bought his love for and willingness to sacrifice himself for his crew, and his love of Pike. I loved his characteristic stubbornness and his eventual acknowledgement that his methods had been wrong. His friendship with Uhura, Bones, and Spock made me happy and his mentory times with Chekov did too. Jim/everyone = perfect ships. OT3s, moresomes, etc.

  • In sum: I walked out of the theatre just really pleased and happy and in love with the crew of the Enterprise. It was not a flaw free film (different post to complain is incoming) but I loved the good guys.

  • All the Crew/All the Crew: OTP

22nd May 2013 2:22am 1 year ago 5 notes
prodigalgeek said: Hmmmm… if you think Uhura was “great” in the movie, then I really don’t see why you’re so concerned about Winter Soldier any more, actually. Into Darkness is guilty of all the things you’re worried Winter Soldier will be.

If you think that, then you have no fucking clue why I’m concerned about Winter Soldier.

I don’t know if you are comparing Sharon or Natasha to Uhura’s role, but since we know nothing at all about Sharon’s role in WS, I’ll assume you meant Natasha.

So for starters, neither Uhura or Spock were brainwashed into a non-consensual relationship, so nah, the two movies share nothing in common there.

If you were talking about Sharon, then no, Uhura wasn’t pushed aside and made inconsequential in the movie that she should have been one of the three main stars of so that some woman engaged in a non-consensual and creepy relationship could shine because the powers that be are too fucking cowardly to put the other woman in her own goddamn movie or give her own goddamn comic.

This movie also wasn’t shoved to the brim with so many unimportant male characters that Uhura was unable to shine.

So basically, whether you agree or disagree with Uhura being great in this film, it really has jackshit to do with why I am concerned about Winter Soldier and the impending role of women in that film.

BTW, Uhura was magnificient.

21st May 2013 7:02pm 1 year ago 7 notes

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