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Question for all my friends that are watching Arrow/The Flash. I just started S2 of Arrow and haven’t hit where Barry gets introduced yet. Do you recommend holding off on starting The Flash until I get through his Arrow episodes?

I would wait until you’ve seen the Arrow eps. 

You don’t have to and the show will still make perfectly good sense to you without it. But You get more of a background into how flashback events in The Flash end up affecting Barry’s pursuit of justice by watching Arrow’s intro first. 

But it is not necessary to watch the Arrow eps first to understand anything. Cero watched it without having seen the Arrow eps and she adored it as much as I did. 

08th Oct 2014 4:02pm 1 week ago 4 notes

Oh, Tara, you deserved so much more.


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18th Jun 2014 3:09pm 4 months ago 5,644 notes

''Private Practice’s Stephen Amell and Melrose Place’s Katie Cassidy star in this remake of the DC classic. Thank you CW, for featuring some hot shirtless pull-ups and amazing Hawkeye-reminiscent archery in the trailer. Do you really need more convincing to watch this show?''

E! Online Fall TV Preview

Forever laughing at the bolded part.
08th Oct 2012 1:59pm 2 years ago 1 note


Doctor Who - end of August
- September 27th
Fringe - September 28th
Merlin - 29th September
The Mentalist - September 30th
Dexter - September 30th
Supernatural - October 3rd
The Vampire Diaries - October 11th
Community - October 19th

19th Aug 2012 9:27pm 2 years ago 31 notes

All I can do when I look at this promo is laugh. And laugh. And laugh some more. Oh, I’ll watch the first episode, but my expectations are LOW. 

Destiny needs to take a shower, methinks.

All I can do when I look at this promo is laugh. And laugh. And laugh some more. Oh, I’ll watch the first episode, but my expectations are LOW.

Destiny needs to take a shower, methinks.

16th Aug 2012 2:58pm 2 years ago 14 notes

officially, white collar and i have really kissed and made up

"I don’t want him to see me as a victim." Oh, El, you are my favorite.

"Careful, this neighborhood is ripe with tetanus." Moz, you are also my favorite.

"I don’t know what that means!" "It means hide, obviously."

Elizabeth is ridiculously attractive.

"You’re bordering on nostalgia." Awww, Moz.

"Seriously? You’re a bad influence!"

LOL @ El pretending to be an FBI agent.

I love El/Mozzie sidekick shenanigans.

Elizabeth just pulled a Tangled with a pot. LOLOLOLOL.

Peter with a gun apparently still a kink of mine.

01st Feb 2012 12:24am 2 years ago 4 notes

Hmm new white collar tonight

I’m unsure if I’m going to watch. Last season kind of made me “eh” about white collar as a whole.

The problem with the show is that it keeps trying to be OMG SERIOUS when, in fact, it worked best as a ridiculous buddy cop hijinks show.

And, well, it keeps trying to change its premise every new season, which sucks.

17th Jan 2012 3:18pm 2 years ago 1 note

Fuck yeah, Once Upon a Time. The soldiers are coming to steal teenage girls TO BE SOLDIERS. Just as they do the MALE CHILDREN.

I approve of these shenanigans.

08th Jan 2012 8:04pm 2 years ago 6 notes

The Ramblings of an Aspie: Young Justice, or the episode in which I facepalmed for a half an hour straight


I wish he had. Or at least lost his temper. It’s like the team doesn’t acknowledge that he’s a person, too, and they barely notice when he gets hurt (See Conner fussing about Megan when KALDUR WAS IN JUST AS MUCH DANGER, jeez)

I really don’t mind the relationships on the show, and sometimes I quite love them. But I think sometimes that between the romances and the Robin/KF BFFness, it’s difficult to see that Kaldur’s teammamtes care about him at all. Even as a friend. His only friend on the surface seems to be Roy, and it’s just :( 
My poor favorite.

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07th Oct 2011 11:50pm 3 years ago 14 notes

Young Justice, or the episode in which I facepalmed for a half an hour straight

Wow, with the exception of Kaldur, the rest of the team could not have been more unlikeable in that episode.

I especially like how ROBIN, who cannot TRUST his team enough to give them his NAME, felt comfortable being judgey about Kaldur for most of the ep. What a dick.

Seriously, I came away from this episode thinking that Kaldur should just run off and join Roy on “solo” adventures and tell the team to fuck itself.

07th Oct 2011 7:44pm 3 years ago 14 notes

The Wedding of River Song

Quick thoughts:

  • Amy with a machine gun. There is nothing me and my hormones didn’t love about that image.
  • River calling Amy “Mother” just really makes me happy.
  • River and her parents just chilling out all family like. <3
  • "And I’m his … mother-in-law." LOLOLOL. Everyone who finds River/Doctor "creepy" had to be pissy about that.
  • “And you are forgiven. Always and completely forgiven.” AWWWWWWWWWWW. That line made me tear up, I’m not going to lie.
  • Harsh!Amy putting the eyepatch back on and saying “River Song Didn’t Get It All From You, Sweetie” was about my favorite part in all of Doctor Who.
  • "Remember the Best. My friends have always been the best of me." And that sums up why I like Eleven so much. There have been many incarnations of the Doctor who felt the same, but I feel that Eleven wears that love so much on his sleeve. It’s beautiful.
  • Emperor WC makes me lol.
  • I liked the resolving of the plot. Very clever. :)
  • The wedding made me sniffly, and I thought it was well done. River Song haters have to have quite a bunch in their panties after that, I assume.

tl;dr: made me weepy, I love season 6 despite its issues and my love of Eleven, Amy and River grows and grows. I still don’t care about Rory, though.

02nd Oct 2011 4:17am 3 years ago 4 notes

Insomnia sucks, so here are some thoughts about Doctor Who this week

  • Eleven and Amy may always be my favorite friendship on this show. I romantic ship it a lot, too, but this episode just made me love their friendship. And it felt very balanced to me, as a friendship.
  • I really loved that the goodbye moment was just between Amy and the Doctor. That’s how the trip began, and that’s how it should have ended. Rory would have overcrowded the scene and I’m glad he wasn’t there.
  • I couldn’t help but compare this scene to the goodbye that Rose and Donna received. In many ways, the Doctor still was making the choice for Amy, but here, they talked about it. Like two adult friends, not like a parent making a decision for a child. Amy got to argue, and she got to see his reason. And that broke my heart, but made me love the Doctor and Amy all the more.
  • Baby Amelia scenes always break my heart, but wow, this one really did it. :( So much sobbing. Not enough tissues in the world.
  • The female nurse was awesome. :( I wish she had been a companion!
  • All in all, this broke my heart in all the best ways. In ways that RTD’s shitty Miracle Day probably aimed for, but missed on its way to pissing me off instead.
  • It will never be Amy Williams, though. Fuck that noise.
18th Sep 2011 6:26am 3 years ago 3 notes



10th Jul 2011 5:05pm 3 years ago 1 note

oh Torchwood.

You are trying too hard with your “social media” and “trending.”

Also, lol, they are going to let a convicted pedophile-killer go free because he threatened to sue the governor? Really?

The premise it is stupid.

08th Jul 2011 10:14pm 3 years ago 1 note

Part of the joy of watching White Collar is how completely ridiculous it is.

28th Jun 2011 9:53pm 3 years ago 0 notes

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